Watercolour Dog Portraits

For a beautiful original watercolour portrait of your dog please contact me – Alison Fennell on eastwitching@hotmail.com


Berk crop

All I need are very good quality images of your dog in the pose you wish to have him painted.

I require at least 1 Megabyte (!MB) images so that I can see every last detail in your dog’s face.

That way I can give you the best portrait possible.


Romeo Framed

Framing is simple once I have completed your portrait as I paint to standard 8×10 inch or 10×12 inch photo size.

This means you can skip your original custom dog portrait into any off the shelf frame available from department stores and supermarkets!


My turnaround time is under 2 weeks from request to finished painting!


My 8×10 inch original watercolour portraits are £95 plus shipping/packing

My 10×12 inch portraits are £125 plus shipping/packaging

I do not request a deposit.


I paint my animals in my home studio here in Pontypridd, South Wales, UK

I do not paint shaggy coated dogs.

Smooth-coated dogs are my speciality and as I love painting those that is all I do. Please contact me if you are unsure.



I have been painting in watercolour for 25 years and specialise in animals. Their faces and character continue to engage and entertain me as I paint.

My work is currently for sale in Dunelm throughout the UK as large prints and The Museums & Galleries Collection sell a range of 12 of my animal cards called “Alison’s Ark” in museum and art gallery shops UK-wide.

For years I have donated my art to various animal rescues and charities including The Fox Project, Animals Asia, Hope Rescue and The Dog’s Trust and several rabbit rescues.

I regularly write for Leisure Painter Magazine giving step by step demonstrations on watercolour subjects.


I also teach two watercolour classes near Cardiff as well as running private one to one workshops for watercolour students.


For details on any of the above please contact me – Alison Fennell at eastwitching@hotmail.com or visit my online art gallery at http://www.eastwitching.etsy.com

I’ll look forward to hearing your doggy requests!



This Week’s Art


This week has seen a lot of art being made:)

  • Tuesday daytime – I was teaching my Art Spirit Painter’s Group how to paint a tall ship
  • Tuesday evening I was doing a watercolour horse demonstration to Sully Art Group
  • Friday afternoon was spent with my growing Tonteg Art Spirit Painter’s group where we painted a Moroccan doorway


  • on Saturday morning I gave a one to one foxglove watercolour workshop to Chris – a lovely lady and one of my Tuesday class.

Below I include the links to some of the videos made during the workshops and demos plus some of the finished results – enjoy!


Click on this image to see videos on how to paint it via my YouTube channel

Feel free to try this demo yourself

Feel free to try this demo yourself

Horse 2 Horse 3 horse appears

The horse was painted in watercolour using a limited palette of Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, and some final passages of Cadmium Red Deep and Cerulean Blue for contrast. I worked wet into wet in the early stages to create soft washes and then worked tighter and smaller on details as the painting progressed.

At Friday’s group we travelled to Morocco and painted a hot orange doorway with lovely curves and palms to frame the scene.

I used Winsor Orange and Rose Madder Genuine and then Cobalt Blue for the dark washes and shadows. I didn’t feel the need to paint the palms green but kept them in a complementary shade to tie in with the overall colour range of the painting.

We had done a lot of tight work in previous weeks and so felt this slightly expressionist and suggestive project would be a change of pace!

When I got home I decided that I would add some pastel to my watercolour. Here is the end result.

“Sultry Shadows” original mixed media painting 9×11 inches – pastel and watercolour by Alison Fennell

Finally – on Saturday it was a focussed session with Chris to look at foxgloves. We worked wet into wet to give a loose impression in the early stages and then added finer and harder details as we progressed. Chris took home more polished skills and a fabulously delicate foxglove watercolour.


Here is the step by step if you wish to try it out.

Have a go of painting this yourself!

Have a go of painting this yourself!

foxglove 2 deep

Have a go of painting this yourself!

That’s all for this week – happy painting and CONVO me with any questions about watercolour! Alison

New Paintings this Week – watercolour dogs and a watercolour hare

Had a busy week this week completing two more watercolour dog commissions.

dog haagen smaller copy

I also painted a hare in a midnight countryside scene as one of my demos for my weekly art class.

hare midnight oi etsyct

I loved painting this grand old corgi as his face and eyes are so full of joy and love.

I used pale watercolour washes of Raw Sienna, Winsor Violet and Cerulean Blue to start and added increasingly darker versions as the painting progressed.

I let each wash dry before adding the next.

I really let loose with the richness in the eyes though as they were the focal point. I used rich Burnt Sienna for the irises and added French Ultramarine Blue plus Burnt Umber for the pupils and eyelines. The a touch of Winsor Violet plus opaque white added the final white highlights.

dog dane

With the spotted Great Dane watercolour I used pale washes of Raw Sienna and Cobalt Blue to start then added stronger shadows to start building form in the face.

Facebook banner copyu Graet Dane 1 Graet Dane 2_edited-1

For the midnight hare I used masking fluid to preserve my imaginary weeds and wildflowers and used and inkly blue for the sky – remembering to loft out a frosty moon silhouette with a thirsty brush before that watercolour wash dries.

Then I painted the hare in raw sienna and raw umber and added shadows with a touch of blue.

You can see my step by step watercolour tutorial sheets for the hare and the great dane. Have a try if you like but please do not then list your painting online to sell as that is breaking my copyright. This demo is for your educational purposes only!

If you want to watch my basic YouTube videos on it – click here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y4DQzNlS_k

More paintings soon – Alison

Painting Dogs in Watercolour

Just lately I have been commissioned to paint a Chihuahua and an Alsatian (German Shepherd) in watercolour.

I am a professional artist based in Pontypridd, South Wales, UK and take dog portrait commissions.

If you would like more details please contact me – Alison Fennell – via my email – eastwitching@hotmail.com

Prices start at £75 plus p&p for an original dog portrait at size 8×10 inches.

To view one on my online gallery click HERE!

dog chi te

Both are very different subjects as the Chihuahua has very smooth fur while the Alsatian is a lot rougher.

"Beauty" - original watercolour dog portrait by Alison Fennell - 11x14 inches

“Beauty” – original watercolour dog portrait by Alison Fennell – 11×14 inches

They were both a delight and a challenge to paint as I felt a real connection to both dogs.

P1160430 P1160432 P1160433 P1160434 P1160442

I love dogs and want to express that in my paintings. That’s why I always pay a lot of attention to their eyes.

dog chi te copy 2

Painting the eyes for me means looking hard at all the many layers of folds of skin and the shadows and eyelashes and the moist glistening line that surrounds them.

eye dog alsatian eye dog lab eye french bulldog

I try to create a watery orb effect by using a speck of opaque white watercolour mixed with some violet and then let that run.

Here are some of my step by step tutorial sheets if you would like to try painting a dog in watercolour.

Jack demo

P1110242 P1110243 P1110244 P1110245 P1110247

The Alsatian is called Beauty and she was 9 months old and from South Wales, while the Chihuahua is called Charlie and is about 2. He was recently adopted by a lovely family at the Tri Valley Animal Rescue in Pleasanton, California.

To view their site click HERE!

My watercolour dog tutorials have featured in this month’s issue of Leisure Painter magazine and the demo is quite simple to follow along!


My watercolour dog tutorial as seen in August 2015 edition of Leisure Painter Magazine


My watercolour dog tutorial as seen in August 2015 edition of Leisure Painter Magazine


If you live in the Pontypridd or Cardiff area I have two classes – one in Tongwynlais and one in Tonteg.

Please email me for all the details! of find me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArtSpiritPainters/


Both are drop in classes for all levels – see you there!

Creativity Course – Deep Seeing & Personal Perception – Dates out now!

NEW CREATIVITY COURSE – 4 Week Deep Seeing & Personal Perception Course dates and full details now out! Each week is a 4 hour session in my home studio in Ynysybwl, Pontypridd (fuller details below)
Week 1 – 17th Sept
Week 2 – 24th Sept
Week 3 – 1st October
Week 4 – 8th October
Read below – MAX 3 spaces – All materials included – £45 per person per week. Total course cost £180
Get down to the fundamentals of seeing deeply in order to create confidently and personally! Skills are transferrable across many media including drawing, oils, pastels watercolour etc
This is an intense and exploratory course for all who want to express themselves decisively and joyfully in art. The 4 weeks of theory and artistic play will set on your creative path with the practical tools and personal vision and conviction you need.
BOOK NOW – message me (Alison) here or email me at eastwitching@hotmail.com

Facebook banhneoohr copy Facebook banhneoor copy Facebook banner copy oo P1160336 P1160337 P1160339

Watercolour Painting Classes South Wales

Ever fancied really getting to grips with watercolour? Then come along to my weekly drop-in class!


Every Tuesday from 10am to 1pm in Ainon Baptist Church Hall, Market St, Tongwynlais, near Cardiff.


LUSCIOUS magical watercolour – come and learn:)!


The church hall is around the back!

WHO DO I TEACH and What’s the class size?

I cater for all levels in watercolour and am very patient with beginners and advanced alike.

My class is a friendly group of approx. 8-13 adults of all ages and abilities who pay as they go and bring their own painting gear.




Demonstrating at the Tongwynlais class last month

Demonstrating at the Tongwynlais class last month

I have been painting in watercolour for over 20 years and earning a living as an artist for 4 years via my website www.eastwitching.etsy.com

I’m a teacher at heart (BSc. Modern Languages, PGCE Primary, Trinity Cert. TESOL)

Spent years teaching supply in primary and special ed schools and taught adults in various situations and countries including basic skills in Wales and English as a foreign language in Spain)

Being self-taught I understand the learning process very well and can empathise with and explain to students on all levels.

My art tutorials feature regularly in Leisure Painter Magazine – the UK’s most popular painting publication

Am energetic, very patient, clear and thorough

I love to set people on their way with watercolour

My work has been licensed by

John Lewis,


The Museums & Galleries Collection (My own range was launched in March 2014 and is called “Alison’s Ark“),

Paperlink Cards,

Quitting Hollywood Cards in the UK

and several publishing companies in the USA

IMG_5654 P1150534

My art on Museums & Galleries Collection cards! - I did it!

My art with The Museums & Galleries Collection


1) ‘Alison has done watercolour demonstrations at our group- Pentyrch Art Group- for several years.
We always thoroughly enjoy her visits.
She is organised, well prepared and will happily answer questions and share her expertise with members. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an excellent, really friendly and approachable demonstrator. 
Anne Peebles, Pentyrch Art Group.’
2) ” Alison is a very talented and inspirational artist and teacher. I have been lucky enough to attend a workshop at her studio and attend workshops and demonstrations when she visited our art group.
Her teaching style is relaxed and friendly but also very clear and practical.
Alison’s excellent preparation for the sessions and encouragement, enables everyone to achieve and produce a piece of art work they can be proud of.
Finally, whether working one to one or working with a group, Alison’s workshops are both fun and enjoyable.”
Christine Webb – Secretary – Kestrel Art Society, Bridgend
3) I have learned more from Alison in 3 weeks than with other classes that I have taken for over a year!
Art Spirit Master flyer (FB) b

Sessions are just £10 for 3 hours in a lovely spacious church hall in Tongwynlais, near Cardiff.


I paint a demo in stages and STOP at each stage to come around and give INDIVIDUAL guidance and help.

The demo is also being filmed and shown on a large TV screen so you get a really brilliant view of what I am doing.

Later in the day I put the video on Youtube for you to look at again!


P1140550 P1140552 P1140553


Free refreshments are available and we stop for a break and chat.

I am always on hand in person or via email, facebook to answer any watercolour technique questions and critique your work.




Give me (Alison Fennell) a toot on 0790 992 0763 or email me at eastwitching@hotmail.com for full details – see you there!

Be prepared to get messy!

Be prepared to get messy!

Jude thrashing out her tonal study bEFOR launching into a watercolour of the same subject

Jude thrashing out her tonal study bEFOR launching into a watercolour of the same subject


Viridian and I are not friends.

Viridian and I are not friends.

This is a spare palette I took as I picked one of the ladies as my shadow painter for each demo - they painted along with me as the others watched us both

This is a spare palette I took as I picked one of the ladies as my shadow painter for each demo – they painted along with me as the others watched us both

Jayne - in her oils - or should that be watercolours?:)!

Jayne – in her oils – or should that be watercolours?:)!

Watercolour Classes Cardiff

Want to learn WATERCOLOUR?

Come and join my weekly Tuesday drop-in watercolour class! We are called ART SPIRIT PAINTERS11707628_10153022140907947_109499519401244548_n We meet in the church hall at the back of Ainon Baptist Church on Market Street in Tongwynlais, near Cardiff. 11647419_10152982269107947_2087060278_n church directions Suitable for all levels and only £10 per person for a session (3 hours approx.) Please bring your own materials and equipment and you will get 3 hours of watercolour and free biccies/tea and coffee! 11652040_10153004198667947_2070018481_n I do two watercolour demos which are videoed and later made available on Youtube for you to watch again if you want. We do landscapes, florals, still life, buildings and animals etc 11667226_10153004198567947_728258098_n I go around the class and help individuals with technique. 11668252_10153004198387947_1579044092_n We’re a lovely relaxed group of about 10 people all loving painting. Art2 P1160114 In Ainon Baptist Church Hall where we are based there are settees dotted around our ample and light filled hall so you can relax in break times and there are toilets and easy parking on the roads outside.

Art Spirit Master flyer (FB) b

For any further info please email me at eastwitching@hotmail.com or call 0790 992 0763 Pop over to my animal art gallery here – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/eastwitching?ref=hdr_shop_menu I look forward to meeting you. Don’t forget – this is a drop in so you can come as and when suits you!