Watercolour Classes Cardiff

Want to learn WATERCOLOUR?

Come and join my weekly Tuesday drop-in watercolour class! We are called ART SPIRIT PAINTERS11707628_10153022140907947_109499519401244548_n We meet in the church hall at the back of Ainon Baptist Church on Market Street in Tongwynlais, near Cardiff. 11647419_10152982269107947_2087060278_n church directions Suitable for all levels and only £10 per person for a session (3 hours approx.) Please bring your own materials and equipment and you will get 3 hours of watercolour and free biccies/tea and coffee! 11652040_10153004198667947_2070018481_n I do two watercolour demos which are videoed and later made available on Youtube for you to watch again if you want. We do landscapes, florals, still life, buildings and animals etc 11667226_10153004198567947_728258098_n I go around the class and help individuals with technique. 11668252_10153004198387947_1579044092_n We’re a lovely relaxed group of about 10 people all loving painting. Art2 P1160114 In Ainon Baptist Church Hall where we are based there are settees dotted around our ample and light filled hall so you can relax in break times and there are toilets and easy parking on the roads outside.

Art Spirit Master flyer (FB) b

For any further info please email me at eastwitching@hotmail.com or call 0790 992 0763 Pop over to my animal art gallery here – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/eastwitching?ref=hdr_shop_menu I look forward to meeting you. Don’t forget – this is a drop in so you can come as and when suits you!

Writing Thrillers – by Author K. D. Kinchen – My Guest Blogger

Creative Inspiration

Author Kate Kinchen

Author K. D. Kinchen

When Alison offered me the opportunity to write a guest-blog for her blog I was, of course, very touched and flattered and immediately jumped at the chance. However, as I sat down to begin penning the piece, I was struck by a bit of a quandary. What do I write? Alison is an artist, I am a writer. What common ground is there? What could I write about that would interest her readers? Writing and art, although creative, are very different worlds.

Buy Darkest Hour by Kate Kinchen!

Buy “Darkest Hour” by K. D. Kinchen!

But it was as I was contemplating their differences that I begin to notice more and more similarities also. Both are creative mediums. Alison paints with watercolour, I paint with words. Both myself and Alison’s job is to inspire and capture the imagination of those to whom our work appeals. Alison will evoke emotions and memories with her beautiful prints, perhaps even create a daydream in the mind of her viewers. I spirit my readers away to a different locale, a different viewpoint and entertain them with the exploits of my characters.

“Evil Brewing” by K.D. Kinchen – available in one click here!

At this point I would like to thank Alison for her role in where I am now. She has been a massive inspiration to me; a friend first and foremost, but also a huge inspiration and, one could say, my creative guru. She followed her heart into painting full time and through tribulations which would have seen most mere mortals give up and admit defeat, she has emerged triumphant time and time again. Every time I went to see her for a cuppa and a chat I would come home recharged with creative go-get-‘em, chomping at the bit to get on with my latest novel, and also hankering after yet another one of her paintings… It is comforting to have found a kindred creative spirit.

Me stomping around the grounds at Harrogate Crime Writing Festival!

Me stomping around the grounds at Harrogate Crime Writing Festival!

When I was five I fell in love with stories and by eight I was writing my own, albeit on folded A4 paper with crayons, but still, the impetus was there. At seventeen I began my first full length novel, but somewhere along the way I ended up thinking that I couldn’t write for a living, that I would need a ‘proper’ job. My writing fell by the wayside and it wasn’t until I lost my ‘Uncle’ Harry to prostate cancer, he was only fifty nine, did my writing bug return. For the last nine years I have been writing in my spare time and working towards getting published. I came close, frustratingly close, with my fourth novel. But, I did receive some wonderful feedback from a top London agent, so I have not given up hope. What I have done though, is to self publish my early works. They were just sitting on my hard drive, gathering cyber-dust, so I have released them into the world to earn their keep. My novels have picked up some great comments and praise from professionals in the industry along the way, so why not publish them myself?

Evil Brewing is my first self-published release and centres around Alexis Holton, a young Brewing Supervisor who moves to London and unintentionally places herself on the radar of a serial killer in the capital. It is a woman-in-jeopardy crime/suspense novel.

Darkest Hour is again a woman-in-jeopardy crime thriller, which follows Eva Rivera as her world is turned upside-down when she witnesses an assassination. Walking her dog, she is unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is soon running for her life as those who orchestrated the hit try to remove the sole witness to their crime.

Taking a leaf out of Alison’s book, I have left full-time work to dedicate myself to my writing and pursuing my dream. It is a bit of a leap of faith, but I think after sixteen years of ‘proper’ jobs I can now allow myself to follow my heart. I am a published writer, yes I am self-published, but my work is out there. This may not be entirely the path I had envisaged, but I am excited to see where it leads and I know that regardless of what happens, Alison will be there with a cuppa, biscuit and sympathetic ear and I will no doubt walk away from our meet with a bounce in my step and my writing mojo buoyed by her effervescent love of all things creative.

Note from Alison – well this post is such an inspiration and a breath of fresh air! I hope it motivates all you would be writers to get pen to paper!

Thank you Kate. For more information, please do check out K.D.’s website. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.




Original Watercolour Sale – This Weekend!

Art sale this weekend! All prices reduced.

Grab an original now to enhance your space – direct from me, the artist:)

10 of my original watercolours are up for sale – to view more images of each one or to buy click on any of the paintings below.

Easy to frame! Most of my paintings are standard photo size so you just buy a supermarket frame and you’re set!

Here’s the first –

1) original otter painting – 8×10 inches and ready to frame!

otter walk copy

2) Luscious Cherries – a rustic kitchen art piece.

cherries etsy

3) Majestic Magpie – fab gift for the bird lover.

bird magpie twig

4) Summer Poppies – big reduction from $85 to $65!

poppies July COPYRIGHT

5) Vibrant Beetroots – garden lover art gift – painted in gouache for an arty look.


6) Sunflower Original! Eternally popular – this would make a lovely gift for her.

sunflowers dainty 1200

7) Galloping Horse – make a horse lover’s day

horse paint

8) Desert Dream – a mystical vision of West Mitten Butte in Arizona for the traveller

west mitten small

9) Watercolour Discus painting – a vibrant nautical for the seaside home

fish dashing ETSY DARK copy

10) Enchanting Emerald seahorse painting – for the mermaid in you…

seahorse emerelad etsy

Want more!? To view my entire watercolour collection click here – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/eastwitching?section_id=15563603&ref=shopsection_leftnav_8

I can also paint any requests you might have – just email me (Alison) at eastwitching@hotmail.com to proceed!

How to paint a Rhodesian Ridgeback

She is drop-dead gorgeous, is tan year round and commands authority whenever she appears! Who other than Berk – the most stunning Rhodesian Ridgeback I have ever seen.

Her Mum Whitney has asked me to paint her two Ridgebacks and so here I present Berk.

My initial pencil drawing was the basis for the subsequent watercolour washes.

Initial line drawing

Over a few days I added more form and then fine-tuned for details.

Early loose watercolour washes being laid in to create form

I hope I have captured her spirit.

After painting this dog I realise that really I much prefer painting smooth-coated and short-haired dogs. Another lesson learnt!

What is your preference in doggies? Smooth and sleek or shaggy and rugged? I would love to see which is tops.

[caption id=”attachment_665″ align=”alignleft” width=”300″ Berk in a framing suggestion I created

Easter Print Giveaway! Win a watercolour Animal Print

EASTER PRINT – Giveaway! – FIND the Golden BUNNY & WIN a PRINT!
How to enter:-
1) Click the blue link alongside each of the 5 bunny images to be taken to the image source
2) Search for that gold bunny silhouette on the image
3) Once you’ve found it EMAIL the answer to me at eastwitching@hotmail.com
4) FINALLY share this post TWICE on Facebook to complete your entry!

Winner gets to pick any $25 print from my Etsy shop – DRAW takes place Monday 6th April – GOOD LUCK!

bunny caramella ETSY DARK bunny strawberry etsy bunny tahiti crop bunny hares jacks NEW etsy woodland baby bunny copy - Copy

What’s your Watercolour Bible?

Most artists I know are devils for getting new art technique books.

Books give us hope and inspiration and impetus!

I have bought many, many books over the years and there are a few that I would never part with as they have become sacred to me.

Below I share my 3 top go to art books; my bibles as I call them. As you will see, I go to them for slightly different reasons but they all add grist to the artistic mill and lord knows we need it at times.

Please post below about YOUR art bibles! We may discover some wonderful unknowns!


1) More Joy of Colour by David Lyle Millard The loose jewel-like vignettes of Millard throughout this book encouraged me to paint in a juicy way.

In the book David describes his 40 colour palette and I drooled over his descriptions of his exotic hard to find colours – here is the picture


I envied him sitting there amongst all that exotic fruit and reading about him spending time in the Caribbean and the East coast of the USA – I aspired to do that!

P1150747David Lyle Millard in his element

WHAT I GET from this book

Most of all his encouragement to trust your wandering line of pencil on paper – your place for creative freedom in this world. Here are some Millard inspired mini watercolours in a Super Aquabee sketchbook (that he recommends for travelling artists as I was at the time!). Alas – the book in the link above has a ne cover design and is missing the original silver impressed bee insignia – such a shame!


2) The Art Spirit by Robert Henri I bought this a couple of months before going on an art trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA in 2005. I tried to keep my hands off it as it was meant to be read once I got to that famous art colony with its desert light. I couldn’t resist, however, and so cracked it open a few days before leaving and was lifted up by Henri’s commentaries about why we are compelled to draw and paint and how to have faith in yourself.


How this book IMPROVES my LIFE

Reading this book allowed me to experience someone of a different mind-set – one that values beauty and expression and is not ashamed of that. He gave me permission to dream and I read it when I want to escape into the word of art and feelings.

3) Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards This book single-handedly taught me how to see and to draw. With Betty’s clear and encouraging voice I was guided into the joys of pure contour drawing – just letting the pencil doodle along the paper without even looking to loosen you up and enjoy that feeling.


WHY I read this BOOK

I go to this book whenever I need to feel purposeful about drawing.


It’s purposeful and enlightening exercises bowl you along and you see INSTANT improvement.

Well that is it from me – I hope you may encounter these books and get something from them  – bye for now

Colourful Butterfly Cushions and Bags

butterfly set of 3 layer


I seem to be suffering from butterfly madness this last 10 days! I have painted lots of styles and shapes and sizes and all with an imaginary slant.



Not one of my butterflies exists in real life.

I wanted to paint freely and expressively reaching for whatever colours on my palette that drew my eye.

I hope you like the results and that if you feel like loosening up with your watercolour you may have a go of painting a batch yourself!





Here are some items that I created with the butterflies I painted.

I used Adobe Photoshop to add colourful backgrounds to my designs then I uploaded them to Society6 – a great site for artists to sell merchandise they have created.

To join Society6 yourself click HERE