Home and Studio

When I was working as an employee full time and commuting to work I used to dream of a job that I could do from home.

I was also painting solidly in my spare time – evenings, weekends and holidays – in order to explore my love of watercolour. But for the time the dream of a stay at home job was way off in the future.

Then about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare tumour which required 12 hours of neurosurgery. I had to move out of my rented house and back in with my parents as I was too ill to care for myself. It took over 2 years to get any kind of normality back to my health but gradually I was able to do small things.

My focus fell on my art and I began painting more regularly as far as my limited reserves of energy and focus allowed.

By chance I came across Etsy and soon tentatively opened my own online gallery. I could never have foretold how this move could have catapulted me so much nearer to my dream job. After 2 years of selling consistently on Etsy I was in a position to rent the adjoining terraced house to my parents and the rest as they say is history.

Now – 4 years on I live in a sunny terraced home with my dog Tilly. I love living here and have managed to use every room in the house for my art!

Enjoy a photographic tour of my home as it is now – I hope it will give you a taste of life in the Valleys.

My home and studio in Pontypridd, South Wales, UK

My home and studio in Pontypridd, South Wales, UK


loads of lovely pastels

studio 1

all set up for watercolour in my north facing “studio”


How my hanging baskets and window box look this summer

My blue and white bathroom was originally a bedroom so it is quite generous...

My blue and white bathroom was originally a bedroom so it is quite generous…


The fire is rarely on so I like to decorate it with flowers and cushions


Tilly and I in 2013


I love to spin and weave – here I am carding coloured fleece


In my comfort zone – quietly painting

Getting to Grips with Gouache – clematis & nastursium painting day

It was lovely to spend a day working once more with Barbara and Sandra.

Barbara working on velvety clematis leaves in gouache

Barbara working on velvety clematis leaves in gouache


Sandra’s nastursiums coming along nicely

The girls decided they fancied trying out gouache as they had not really done much with it before.

Be prepared to get messy!

Be prepared to get messy!

Our subjects were a rich deep purple clematis and a riveting yellow nastursium both climbing on a trellis or picket fence.

P1150057 P1150067

To start we painted the skies by wetting the whole area first then dropping in glorious random patches of blue and tilting the painting to create soft, amorphous and totally natural looking clouds.

Gouache was playing nicely! So far so good!


Barbara’s beautiful petals


Sandra’s lovely nastursiums

Next we began working on the petals and once again we wet each area first to provide a damp environment into which we dropped rich colour and tilted this to spread the gouache around with minimal brushstrokes to beautiful effect.

P1150046 P1150068

Gouache really is a friendly and malleable medium compared to watercolour. It can be re-wetted and re-worked.

It is not so easy to lift as watercolour but that is offset by the fact that you can paint over dark areas with light paint – which of course cannot be done with transparent watercolour.

As we built each petal with subsequent and darker, more detailed washes our paintings grew quickly with lots of satisfied oohs and ahhs from my students.

It was lovely to see them getting effective and pleasing results so soon.


I prepared worksheets of the demo we would do ahead of time so that they could be used during the workshop to support learning


Want to have a go of gouache?

To try a gouache or watercolour class just email me (Alison Fennell) at eastwitching@hotmail.com and I can email you my current programme and answer any special requests.

Painting Workshop Price guide

(includes tuition/full colour step by step demo worksheets/professional artist quality paints, paper and brushes and a coffee/tea and croissant on arrival!)

  1. Whole day for 1 to 1 tuition £65
  2. Half day for 1 to 1 tuition £32.50
  3. Whole day for 2 friends booking together £55 each
  4. Half day for 2 friends booking together £32.50
  5. Please note I do not teach more than 2 people at a time. Courses start at 9.30am and end at 4pm. Half days are 3 hours long


Look forward to hearing from you.

Cancer Zodiac Gifts

A beautiful watercolour crab with rich and vibrant colours will transport its Cancer sign recipient to the ocean...

A beautiful watercolour crab with rich and vibrant colours will transport its Cancer sign recipient to the ocean…

For an unusual and long-lasting gift for those with their birth-sign in Cancer how about a watercolour crab art print?


I have a big selection to choose from and you can have sizes 5×7 inch or 8×10 inch or even go up to a whopping 13×19 inch print!


To view my crab collection click H E R E or browse the gallery below.


Convo me at eastwitching@hotmail.com if you have any special size requests:)

My best-selling crab print of all time - this one - called "Maine Man"has a rich variety of colours with a dark teal green dominating - a fab gift for your Cancer friend

My best-selling crab print of all time – this one – called “Maine Man”has a rich variety of colours with a dark teal green dominating – a fab gift for your Cancer friend


A timeless and simple crab in watercolour - 8x10 inches

A timeless and simple crab in watercolour – 8×10 inches

crab cedrick sidestop perfect 810

Hostas in Watercolour

My backyard is full of hostas and now in June they are really filling out – spilling over onto my slab pathway which I love.

"Hosta" Original watercolour painting 10x15 inches

“Hosta” Original watercolour painting 10×15 inches

Their variegated leaves are so attractive that I sat down and drew one plant a few days ago.

My hosta which I drew

My hosta which I drew

Here is how I painted it in watercolour.

P1150005hosta P1150006 P1150007 P1150008


Garden Delight – Abbey Gardens, Malmsbury

Had a perfect day out yesterday. My friend Anne and I went to the Abbey Gardens in Malmsbery, Somerset.

P1140902 P1140915 P1140932

We try to make it to a stately home and gardens at least twice a year and this trip was so lovely. Only an hour or so’s drive from home we headed out on a perfect day – sunny but not too hot with a slight breeze now and then.

P1140906 P1140910 P1140914

Here are some shots of the gardens. The air was full of the scent of roses and other flowers. One rose in particular smelled out of this world – we think it is a Gertrude Jekyll …


We had  a lovely cup (mug) of tea and a freshly made cake each ( I had carrot and Anne had coffee) before then wandering down to the river walk – completely shrouded with greenery and trees and shrubs of all kinds. The ponds were still and covered with lily pads and there was even a stepping stone bridge.

P1140922 P1140928

Huge fish including koi and sturgeon were in the Stew pond right by the cafe and one the the staff was feeding them by hand – I have never seen such huge fish!

What I loved was the Cotswold architecture – especially the casement windows – imagine living here!!

P1140933 P1140934 P1140935 P1140936The town itself was so sleepy and quiet. The roofline probably hadn’t changed for over 500 years and the clutter of cottages cascading along the roads was so pretty.



Had lunch in this old pub – lovely atmosphere and dogs allowed so we got friendly with a spaniel and a schnauser!

P1140938 P1140939 P1140945 P1140947

We had lunch in a very old pub called The Smoking Dog and the ambled back to the garden for one more sit in the  garden under a gazebo – enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and the flowers.


It was the summer solstice too and so they day seemed lovely and long…


As usual I hope to paint some of the scenes I saw and so watch this space!





Summer Meadow Art Demo in Gouache

Are you feeling the summer heat yet? Here in Wales we have had some real summer weather and so here is a simple meadow scene with some  cow parsley (AKA Queen Anne’s Lace) waving in the foreground.



Please feel free to follow this demo but as always please note that you cannot them sell the result – to do that would breach my copyright. What you can do is modify the painting slightly by adding extra cow parsley or changing the shape of your bushes etc:) Thanks!

Meadow1_edited-1 Meadow2_edited-1

To see more painting demos click here – http://eastwitching.com/2014/03/19/foxglove-fancy-making-a-mess-then-pulling-through/


Custom Wedding Gifts

A simple white frame really makes this wedding artwork pop!

A simple white frame really makes this wedding artwork pop!

For the perfect wedding keepsake what could be more romantic than a pair of flirty flamingos complete with the couple’s names and wedding date?

Capture the special day with a custom "Our Song" wedding flamingo print

Capture the special day with a custom “Our Song” wedding flamingo print

I painted these watercolour flamingos as a loving pair then added a blissful pink background adorned with many famous love songs.

You can choose to go for a simple white background option too if you prefer as shown below. Either way this is such a thoughtful and timeless wedding gift you can’t go wrong!

The white option - classy and elegant!

The white option – classy and elegant!

The couple’s favourite lovesong can also be added under the wedding date – magic! We (Alison and Anita) at The Little Picture Company call this artwork “Our Song” because all romantic couples have a lovesong that seems to spell out their love.

How your wedding flamingo print gift could look framed:)

How your wedding flamingo print gift could look framed:)

You will be sent a proof the same day to see if we have everything perfect for you!

To view this custom wedding artwork come over to The Little Picture Company today.
Our turnaround time for sending you a proof is 24 hours and dispatch is usually within 2 working days!

Order now! and receive a free handmade wedding card with the same flamingo design!


The Fox Vanishes – Game 11 – Deadline for Entries Sat 31st May 2014

Welcome to Game 11!

Please see how to play below and deadline – good luck!

In this game I will be placing a faded out fox (here he is below at full strength) on a certain animal print in my online gallery at Eastwitching (www.eastwitching.etsy.com).

fox june cropYou will need to scour the selected items (usually about 12) that come up when you click the link I will provide each game. PLEASE USE the ZOOM feature when you search.

When you find the faded fox image on the animal image in question DO NOT SAY WHERE IT IS in comments on this post.

Simply convo me with your ANSWER at eastwitching@hotmail.com (yes – it is back up and running folks!) or convo me at Etsy if you have an account there.

THEN leave a comment ON THIS POST saying WHICH PRINT you would like to receive if your entry is selected.

Selection is made randomly using RANDOM.ORG two weeks after the game is announced.

WANT TO PLAY?  – GAME 11 of The Fox Vanishes.

How to play …

1 Click on this LINK and start searching all of the animal images that come up. On one of them there is a faded out fox like the bold one in this post above.

2 Convo me via Etsy or email me at eastwitching@hotmail.com with your answer

3 Come back to this post and say which animal print you would like to win from my gallery HERE - you can choose ANY print and shipping is free worldwide too!

4 Deadline for entries is MIDNIGHT GMT Saturday 31st May

5 Winning entry selected on Sunday 1st June and new game announced that same day.

To start hunting the fox click HERE! Good luck:)