Colourful Butterfly Cushions and Bags

butterfly set of 3 layer


I seem to be suffering from butterfly madness this last 10 days! I have painted lots of styles and shapes and sizes and all with an imaginary slant.



Not one of my butterflies exists in real life.

I wanted to paint freely and expressively reaching for whatever colours on my palette that drew my eye.

I hope you like the results and that if you feel like loosening up with your watercolour you may have a go of painting a batch yourself!





Here are some items that I created with the butterflies I painted.

I used Adobe Photoshop to add colourful backgrounds to my designs then I uploaded them to Society6 – a great site for artists to sell merchandise they have created.

To join Society6 yourself click HERE







Painting Butterflies in Watercolour

I felt the urge to paint some loose and abstract butterflies this week and so I dusted down my camcorder and filmed my progress.

pillow butterfly copy

I hope you enjoy watching and that you may like to try them too.

butterfly red admiral  etsy

Techniques and materials

I used hot pressed watercolour paper and Winsor & Newton tube watercolour paint.

Each butterfly has several layers or washes and I leave each wash dry before re-wetting (only when previous wash is BONE dry) so that I can then float in further stronger washes while still keeping it looking soft)

I call this controlled wet-into-wet because you have the best of both worlds – pigment flaring into wet paper and a controlled boundary (the dry paper)

My butterfly prints and other items such as pillows are lovely gifts for garden lovers now that Spring is just around the corner.

Check out my items by clicking on the images.

How to paint a Budgie in Watercolour

Here are 2 videos – parts 1 and 2 of a simple budgerigar watercolour that I filmed today.

I used Arches hot pressed watercolour paper. It is 100% cotton rag and very smooth for delicate work like this.

Enjoy painting along – Alison

Safari Nursery Art

Feeling inspired by the colours of the African savannah and its inhabitants I have created a trio of sweet animals that would create a unique mini gallery to a nursery or indeed to any room in your home.

safari orange copy

My animal paintings are natural and authentic looking and so lend themselves to any age or style.


To view or purchase these animals please click on any one of them. You will be taken to my Society6 page where you can chose between stretched canvas prints or framed prints with a lovely choice of frames.

Watercolour Bunny Tutorial Video

Had a little try out of my camcorder today in the studio after a long absence!

Here are two short videos – one on drawing a rabbit in pencil and one on the first stages of painting him in watercolour!

Daft about Daffodils

I was recently asked by my hairdresser who also sells may art would I paint some seasonal flowers. he particularly wanted daffs and so here are some I did recently – with the build up of washes to show you how I did it.

Early washes of Cadmium Lemon and the that same colour with a speck of Winsor Violet in it for a shadow colour on the yellow petals

Early washes of Cadmium Lemon and the that same colour with a speck of Winsor Violet in it for a shadow colour on the yellow petals

P1150652 P1150653 P1150654 P1150655 P1150656 P1150657

Each was was allowed to dry before I rewet each petal and added stronger mixes of the same colours.

Here are some items that I created using the scanned originals – I hope to have captured the bright and fresh essence of each of the four daffodils I painted!

daff bag

daff clock

daff framedaff mug

Painting Dogs in Watercolour – Great Dane Tutorial

Original Watercolour Great Dane - 9x11 inches

Original Watercolour Great Dane – 9×11 inches

Just recently I was asked to paint a Great Dane. I love dogs but find capturing a likeness in watercolour very hard.

Anyway I did the drawing and set about painting this gorgeous dog.

I used several washes , allowing each one to dry before I added the next in order to build the form of the face.

This Great Dane has lovely interesting black spots and patches but I only added them as soft blurs in the early stages and made harder edges at the end. That way I developed a depth to the painting.

Painting dogs makes you really study the shadows and markings and I used complementary colours on the colour wheel in order to create shadows that would turn the 2D images into a 3D watercolour.

If you’d like to try this watercolour dog tutorial then please do.

COPYRIGHT! – please note that while this watercolour tutorial can be used for your own learning you do not then have the right to sell this image as the copyright is mine. Thank you.

This tutorial is offered for purely educational purposes.

I used the following materials:-

1 Arches hot pressed 90lb 100% cotton rag paper – stretched on a quarter inch plywood board
2 Winsor & Newton artists’ quality tube watercolours in Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber and Rose Madder Genuine

Please click on each image to bring it up nice and big!

Graet Dane 1

Graet Dane 2_edited-1

To see my available watercolour dog paintings and prints please visit my online gallery here –

Happy painting