The Outermost House and The House on Nauset Marsh – nature writing like no other

    Before you read any further would you like to just close your eyes and listen to the sounds of waves on a Cape Cod beach as seagulls and shorebirds call and sing in the sky. This will get you in the mood for this post which is inspired by the beauty of Cape Cod. I have recently read the cult classic for coastal … Continue reading The Outermost House and The House on Nauset Marsh – nature writing like no other

Bird Robin Darcie COPYRIGHT

How to Paint a Robin in Watercolour

With Christmas nearly here I thought some viewers may be interested in painting a robin.   They are real characters aren’t they? They claim your back garden as their own turf and defend it feistily.   The robin song is a delight and today I found this lovely short clip of a robin singing away – it is worth a listen if only to get … Continue reading How to Paint a Robin in Watercolour


Painting Horses in Watercolour

I have had this gorgeous horse image in my image bank for months now and have been building up to painting it.   I finally completed it and enjoyed getting the muzzle min particular to a high degree of finish – something I have never done before as I found it very hard. That was remedied in part thanks to 10 weeks spent studying … Continue reading Painting Horses in Watercolour


Simply Sketching – Vegetables From Life

Spent a fruitful (or should that be vegful!) morning this morning sketching vegetables from life in pencil. I have a gorgeous Technalo 3B pencil by Caran d’Ache which is velvety yet delicate and gives a superb and sensitive line. As I am preparing to submit some vegetable artwork to a magazine I wanted to really get to know my way around these vegetables so I … Continue reading Simply Sketching – Vegetables From Life


Fashion Illustration – with watercolour

Meet the fashion illustrators! This week in my Friday watercolour class in Tonteg, South Wales we did a retro sewing pattern cover illustration. The models were two 50’s women in fitted bodice blouses and wide flouncy skirts. This was a photographic image. We started with the face using a flesh coloured wash of rose madder genuine and raw sienna. To make delicate shadows on the … Continue reading Fashion Illustration – with watercolour