Hares have their Friends you Know

The wonderous hare – moonstarer and boxer extraordinaire. Not one to do anything by halves the hare can outrun most and lives by his wise primeval wits. Appealing to the slightly wild side of us he has coined us the expression as Mad as a March Hare and we thank him for it. He is our talisman back to the wild – to Mother Nature.

Annette of the HPT (Hare Preservation Trust) has this to say….The purpose of this blog is to inform people of their choices so that they can choose not to harm hares inadvertently or to support industries that do harm them, but to give them choice.

Annette has an Etsy shop and manages the HPT online shop which helps in the running and work of the HPT’ Hare shop . The Etsy shop is a way to fund her committment to helping hares – you will be charmed by the artistry and originality of her creations in plushies and paintings… enjoy!

I was amazed at my ignorance about hares after reading this informative and sensitive Blog – if you are interested in what goes on in our forests and meadows whilst we are not around please read this blog.

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