Top 5 Dogs I want to paint

Dogs dogs dogs – I love them and my fave 5 are Siberian Huskies and Jack Russels followed by cute Corgis, slinky and sleek Salukis, and dear Daschunds.

The other day I was so overwhelmed by thinking of all the breeds of dogs to paint that I suddenly had the idea of just finding out what are the world’s most popular dogs.

To my pleasure I found that info easy to find.

My beloved Husky was not in the top 5 though or even in the top 10 but then – I have special taste! lol

Seriously – I was surprised to see that there are generally 10 most popular dogs in the US and the UK and they are:-

1 Labrador Retriever
2 Yorkshire Terrier
3 German Shepherd
4 Golden Retriever
5 Beagle (this surprised me)
6 Boxer
7 Daschund (so did that)
8 Poodle
9 Shih Tzu and
10 Bulldog

The UK is more or less the same for but the good old Spaniels get in there plus the Border collie and the Westie. I am so disappointed that the JRT is not in there! I seee them everywhere – or is it that my mind subconsciously looks for them:

Anyway – as a hommage to their gorgeous faces here are some of the most popular doggies painted by me plus some of my top 5 dogs I have painted …watch this space for my remaining faves…

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