Pastel Puffin Original

I fancied cracking out my beautiful collection of (mostly) UNISON pastels a few days ago – I just had a hankering to try some of my animals in a different media – and so I did. Some came out ok and others went in the bin. This little man made me smile and I was pleased with his crumbly happenstance look – so may I introdue Brave Bertie!

He is twice world sky-diving champion (Puffin under 15’s group) and thinks nothing of throwing himself skywards at the slightest hint of a gust of wind! You will have to keep an eye on this perilous performer and not leave him too close to any open windows!

The puffin is an unfixed soft pastel original on Clairefontaine 160gsm mid ivory pastel paper.

I love Unison pastels – they are beautiful torpedo shaped and go on so easily – you literally have to touch them to the paper and boom! there goes a swathe of rich pure pigment. They are expensive but who cares – they are the best!

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