Budgie Watercolour Demo – Boisterous Ben

All you need to paint this budgie is yellow, blue, dark brown and dark blue and a speck of white.

Painted on Fabriano Artistico 90lbs hot pressed paper from Italy with a size 0 and a size 3 round watercolour brush.


First paint the entire inside with a dilute wash of bluey yellowy green – this is up to you – just make it pale and varied for interest.

While still damp paint in darker greens and yellows and his feet. I painted his beak a mix of pale yellow green with a touch of brown and the cere above his beak is blue as he is a boy!

Then add deeper colour to shape the budgie.

Add the dark brown/blue mix to paint the black and white patterned parts of his back and side wings and feathers.


Also define his eye with that same colour and when dry add a tiny speck of white to make him alive.
…and there he is!

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