Bye Bye Blue

Bye Bye Blue

I have done all I can. There is nothing else left to try – so I think we should call it a day Cendre Blue.

From the first time I read about your magical hue in an old art technique book by David Lyle Millard I knew I had to have you and it was not until 6 years later that I finally found you – there on a shelf in an art store in Sante Fe. You were slightly shop-soiled then but to me you looked like that exquisite fine wine – dusty from years of aging and waiting in some well-filled cellar. I cleaned you up and took you to the till in my nhad – holding you like some art elixir – capable of potently infusing my paintings with unimaginably beautiful colours!

Well – that was many years ago now and I have found you to be not to my taste. Your carrier is slightly oily and greasy and covers your hue in a slicklike film. When I do manage to lift out some of your colour you don’t play nicely with others and barge in and spread most invasively to other washes minding their own business. I may just have to keep you for special isolated spots of celestial blue but as of today I am moving you out of yoru groove on my Frank Webb palette and squeezing in a replacement.

Farewell and adieu my magical shade of blue!

Bye Bye Blue
A clean well awaits my new blue – but who will it be….?

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