What Animal Are You?

What animal would you be?

At certain times in your life have you ever found yourself fixating on a particular animal? You spotted an animal – say a fox, raven or dragonfly and felt a very strong connection or resonance with it?

My love of animals in general is what motivates me in painting individual portraits of them for a living. Sometimes I paint an animal several times for a while as that is one in which I am deeply interested.

In every culture there are animal signs and they may be used to aid in self-discovery and capture our imagination facilitating self-expression and awareness. Sometimes strongly identifying with the traits of a particular animal we may move towards positive change in our lives and evolve.

The wolf is a favourite totem of mine. I love him for his strength, beauty, presence and strong links to our domestic dogs and so I am featuring him as my first animal totem in this series.

Sometimes I spend hours surfing the internet to absorb the energy of a particular animal via its images because I love it for some reason. Looking at this animal inspires me.

What animal does that for you?

My individual animal paintings are available in my online gallery – and cover a wide range of  all the animals of the land air sea and those in between. Come and browse and see if you resonate with one in particular for your personal space. Personal animal totems can be commissioned too – just ask:)

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