How to bring a touch of natural Africa home

“She is so elegant and peaceful” said Elisa of Tina Trotter elephant

Using appealing and animated watercolor elephant prints in groups brings a happy herd right into your space! A fun talking point and a great mood enhancer – animal art is affordable and unique in my store.

Look how  Elisa Williams Schroen of Toronto has created a beautiful ethnic and African vibe in her powder room. Elisa – who works at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto wanted to add a natural animal feel to this space and was drawn to the elephants to do this!

Gallery overheads are not a concern in my Etsy store:) This is how I can offer art at a price that is perfect for you if you wish to personalise your own home with walls filled with paintings and prints of your choice.

Elisa says of this elephant “Gentle Graham is such a calming fellow – I’m very pleased with how he turned out. I should add that the shipping was very fast and the packaging was perfect to protect my three paintings from the journey across the pond!”
The frames are stunningly simple and perfectly mitred with a timeless yet modern edge and as the saying goes “Simple is best, less is more”! Congratulations to her framer who is none other than… her husband!

Thanks Elisa for sharing these photos of how you had your elephant paintings framed and how you placed them for an inspirational effect.

The elephants Elisa chose were from my Etsy Gallery.

All of my archival giclee animal prints are 8×10 inches and frame ready. Prices are $19 plus $6.50 shipping. My original watercolors start at $30 plus shipping so come on over and see if you find an animal that will spark your own art collecting days!

Click here to see my current elephant range should you be looking to create a savannah feel at home this summer too:) There are 9 for you to choose from and of course I can always paint you one in a different colour if needs be.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed! Alison

Elephant welfare all over the world is getting more and more coverage which is great and here is a fabulous project all about an elephant called Jack –  which you may find interesting!

What Elisa feels about “Blue Spots” – “My favourite of the three! I love his happy face and his happy gait!”

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