Easy Living Magazine Folksy Fox feature!

How lucky to be kindly featured in Easy Living Magazine’s September Issue. Along with other makers and artists from Etsy, Folksy and other online craft emporiums my fox print sits pleased as punch upon the glossy pages of this Conde Nast publication. I am a full time watercolourist working in Pontypridd, South Wales but with an online gallery I can ship to anywhere in the world.

For those who want to get the Easy Living Autumn look and take him home please come along to either of my shops of Folksy or Etsy – the price is £12 plus shipping on Folksy and $19 plus shipping on Etsy but it works out the same.
These fox prints are archival to 70+ years and are created individually by me using an Epson Photo Stylus printer and Epson authentic consumables. I sign and date each one.

If you’d like a grouping of three then there are other fox portraits that would work well together to give you a wonderful woodland statement. Here are a few – 
As a reader of my blog use this 10% forever discount code STAR1 in my Etsy store at checkout to make collecting your artworks even more appealing! And, yes, you may share this code with friends:)

Thank you for reading 
“King of Fox Hollow” 8×10 inch giclee fine art print £12

“The Long Sleep” 8×10 inch giclee fine art print £12


“Charlie Chocolate Box Fox” Giclee fine art print 8×10 inches £12

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