The Little Picture Company

Discovering suitably enchanting art for her daughter’s nursery proved harder than she thought and so Anita Singh decided to create her own website dedicated soley to unique and heart-felt art for children.

The Little Picture Company (LPC) is London-based but ships internationally to demanding Mum’s the world over who want that something special and exclusive for their child’s nursery walls.

Anita has made wonderful connections with several artists whose work she feels fits with the Little Picture Company’s ethos and vibe. Often commissioning exclusive new lines from her artists Anita ensures that you will be sure to find one of a kind artworks at the LPC. This coming month Anita will be introducing Welsh artist Alison Fennell who paints vibrant animal watercolours and who was recently featured in Easy Living’s September issue with her adorable fox watercolour.

Within its pages you will find animal, comic, fantasy and whimsical themes to name but a few and you may choose from groupings such as birthdays, seasonal, gifts and valentines amongst others. Easy to puruse and shop the LPC will engage you at every step.

In addition to its unique childhood appeal the LPC is eco-friendly with its prints and inks being sustainable and non-animal derived.

Having a presence every Sunday at the Greenwich Market Anita’s company offers Londoners and visitors to the capital the chance to see her artworks up close and personal and it is always nice to meet the lady behind the magic!

For more information on delightful imagery for the young spend a while browsing The Little Picture Company and let your imagination run away with you!

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