Do you know where a magical ladybird lives?

Scarlet Ladybird feels so at home on this little girl's bedroom shelf

…yes! actually I do!

The Little Picture Company now has a brand spanking new website featuring engaging artwork for the young….in the words of its founder Anita Singh…”

Art for children – imagination for life! Enchanted forests, talking animals, brave princesses, rocking horses, magical dragons and star-filled night skies: these are just a few of the elements built into the fabric of stories and fairy tales that play such an essential part in sparking a child’s imagination during their formative years. You can find aspects of all of these elements brought together by The Little Picture Company’s online children’s picture gallery, brimming with exquisite one-off pieces, and numbered limited edition prints by our talented artists.”

Many of the artworks can be personalised – just lovely for adding a unique and custom touch to your child’s room.

Come along and visit it today and be enchanted.

Personalise your child's room with animal art

4 thoughts on “Do you know where a magical ladybird lives?

  1. Thank you Alison! The magical ladybird is gorgeous, as is the rest of your collection on the beautiful new gallery …. it really is a little persons art emporium now, so much choice on offer! x

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