It’s almost Year’s End – it must be time to write lists.

I don’t know about you but round about this time of the year – after we have got through Christmas and over-eaten, over-drunk and over-everythinged I feel the need to stop. Then I take great pleasure in making plans , taking stock, re-grouping and stuff like that. All of which is helped immensely by the writing of lists. I like to make this a special event by christening one of the many journals I buy  (for apparently no good reason) all through the year (usually from Etsy) and place on my mantlepiece or on my bookshelves where they look pretty. I wish I were a writer as I could have something really meaty and purposeful to put in there – but that isn’t my strong point. So I’m relegated to being a list maker – but that’s fine by me as a spark of glee lights up my eyes when I am about to make lists.

Making lists means you get to make a nice cup of tea, get comfy on the settee and then ponder and sort and decide and choose things important to you. For me this group can include any of the following:)

books I want to buy,

skills I want to learn or deepen,

types of wine I fancy trying out with a good pizza,

stately homes and gardens I would love to visit,

plants and colourways I want for my next year’s window boxes

and many more…

How about you? What would you be compelled to list about? Let’s hear your comments in the boxes below – I would love to see what makes you tick…who knows – there may even be a free handmade notebook in it for the one comment that inspires me the most….

My list compulsion has driven me this last 3 days to make my very own simple handstitched notebooks:) I am so very proud of them as they are my own from scratch. They have foxes, flamingos, elephants and more on the cover and they are so lovely in the hand. If you want to see them all then pop over to my store at eastwitching where I have them for sale. They are lightweight, have eco acid free paper (40 sides) and are about 4×6 inches (just nice for a handbag)…happy listing!

handstitching a journal

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