Why I am only painting for myself in 2012…


…although I love painting animals and this year alone I have painted some beautiful dogs the whole painting portraits for others is something I will be curtailing as of tomorrow.

Now is the time for me to paint for myself. So many projects and dreams are sitting up there on my “one day” shelf. People with strange hair and the streets and parking lots of Sante Fe are calling me. Working in pastel is is waiting patiently for me with all its gorgeous potential.

Commission work for me is something that is not my strong point really and so the effort and time that is needed plus the weight that it seems to put over me is the main reason that I am cutting it loose. Painting a likeness is not easy and so in recognition of the fact that I get a thrill from just painting animals pure and simple has made me make this decision.

Thanks to all of the ladies and gents whose pets I have painted. I have of course appreciated your custom.

Luckily for me I know of two very gifted animal portrait artists and I will be referring any enquirers to them.

Happy New Year everyone!

2 thoughts on “Why I am only painting for myself in 2012…

    1. I am so excited about this change – thank you for that lovely supportive comment – it made me smile. Just yesterday I hammered out 2 rough pastel portraits and got pastel everywhere! 🙂

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