Le Book Du Jour

What's Your Poison?

Leafing through various chapters of The Pleasure Book by Julius Fast is like having permission to indulge in your favourite things. What does it for you: – creating order out of chaos, feeling the wind in your face on a motorbike ride, the complete satisfaction and control of cross- stitch or hiding out in a tree house where no-one can find you. Maybe its finding that perfect wine or letting the sun bake you into the sand. Perhaps you are a magnet for a bargain and track down the best deals on things.

Each of the mini chapters distills down the essence of what a particular pleasure is consisted of and it is shown that many activities can have that same essential element. Now this sort of thing just makes me go all giddy.

Whatever your pleasure and indeed passion Fast recommends that you make a serious effort to honour it and indulge yourself as often as is reasonable – nothing beats the feel good factor…but even more than that – pleasures indicate our passions and if we are lucky those can be turned into ways in which to earn your living.

Buy your copy here – THE PLEASURE BOOK …

…and dare you admit it? Go  on – tell others your utmost passion below… we are curious…

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