Little Jewel – Pili Pala Coffee Shop

Now I’m a devil for a lovely little coffee shop and if it can tempt me with homemade cakes and pretty arty crafty things to buy I’m doubly happy! Well I got all this and more in the real jewel of a coffeeshop that is Pili Pala in Tonteg, Rhondda Cynon Taf.

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You will get a lovely welcome from owners Brian and Sharon
Brian and Sharon - owners at Pili Pala Coffeeshop, Tonteg. Pili Pala is Welsh for butterfly - a name that really suits the light-hearted and friendly feel of their business

Owners Sharon and Brian have created so much more than a place to have refreshments though as I was soon to discover.

Treat yourself to a Knickerbocker Glory!

To my surprise there are two spacious and unique halves to Pili Pala…on the right through an archway is a spacious and light-filled homely lounge with bamboo seats and comfy leather sofas where parents relax and have a coffee and cake but the real genius of Pili Pala are the little rooms leading off purely for children to play in!

Homely and family-friendly

Mini settees and beanbags, a TV with toddler friendly DVDs and plenty of toys are found in one whilst another has everything for changing your baby and having a quiet moment or two for nursing. Finally a teeny pair of white wrought iron bistro chairs and a round table grace a little alcove for a pair of young friends to take their own tea. The result? Everyone is catered for, made to feel welcome and can enjoy Pili Pala as children or adults.

Pretty handmade crafts at Pili Pala

Pili Pala welcomes youngsters and their parents, grandparents and friends and has push-chair friendly ramp at the front plus ample parking at the rear. No wonder local Mum’s feel they have found their Shangri-La of havens for meets and chats!

Who's having tea and cakes today? Members of the drama group

Going through the archway is the second half  – the coffee-shop proper –  also beautifully decorated in high-key and shabby chic decor. Here the aroma of freshly percolated coffee and cakes is most evident and there is also an ice-cream parlor on hand year round. Brian, who is a Cordon Bleu chef, and Sharon enjoy creating their own range of cakes, cookies, sweet loaves and muffins as well as new twists on favourites such as Welshcakes.

Tiers of homemade raspberry-topped chocolate cream muffins!

With Sharon being an artist the coffee shop now has a growing range of locally sourced and really beautiful art and craft items. You will find pretty ceramics and knitted bunnies and sheep, quilted bags, handmade jewelry, cute ornaments and felted handbags as well as nursery watercolour animal prints and more!

Handmade gifts galore for that little treat!
Shop for that little something special - ceramics, jewelry, luxurious felted bags, knitted items, nursery art prints, children's toys and lovely greetings cards in Welsh and English!

I have my friend Louise to thank for taking me for coffee at Pili Pala and I know I will be back!

Sharon holding a collection of pretty crystal angel pendants made by local artist

To see what goes on at Pili Pala click here for their Facebook page and join in their child-friendly events and growing baby-club!

Located on the main road through Tonteg and open –

Mon – Sat: 09:00 17:00
I loved the rustic white farmhouse table:)

4 thoughts on “Little Jewel – Pili Pala Coffee Shop

    1. Thanks Lindy – it realy is a sweet place to go. I was there agin thi smorning dropping off some framed art and cards and had a slice of blueberry cake with buttericing! It was DELICIOUS – A x

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