The Castaway Collection – beach inspired sealife art

Dreaming of dipping my feet in the surf of a sandy beach and drifting along the shoreline scanning for whatever the ocean has cast upon the sands led me to paint a series of sealife paintings.

Featuring corals, shells, and seaweeds I wanted a botannical collector look for these special limited edition prints.

Beachcomber’s Bounty – Limited Edition Archival Print 1 of 15

I  will only create 15 of each one. They will be printed individually by me using an archival Epson Photo Stylus printer using Epson watercolour radiant white paper. It’s surface shows off al the subtelies of the paint to a tee.

A perfect addition to your beach house or bathroom.

To purchase please click here for Tidepool Treasures which is filled with coral and orange ruby hues and here for Beachcomber’s Bounty – a collection in blues and greens.

Tidepool Treasures – a collection of corals, shells and anemones in warm hues

2 thoughts on “The Castaway Collection – beach inspired sealife art

  1. I love the seashells in Tidepool treasures. Such delicate colours. Do you know what the anenomie- if that’s what it is- on the far left is called? It looks like something I have a picture of from a tidepool on the coast of Cornwall, and I have been trying look it up, but having no luck.

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