INSTAGallery – sets of 4 animal art prints ready to frame for $100

Got walls? Need art? My new INSTAGallery animal print sets may be right up your street!

Whether you would like to add some natural charm into your nursery or add a nautical feel to your bathroom I have self-curated these new sets from many images I have painted this last 2 years.

Sweet and innocent – a set of 4 ready to frame bunnies. Unique new baby gift perhaps?

I have picked out animals that I have painted and created mini gallery sets of 4 prints. If you have any ideas of your own please let me know – see below

These, I feel, sit together harmoniously and saves you trying to imagine how several prints might look like together.

I hope you find this useful.

To start off with I have created a fox set, a woodland creature set and a bunny set. These sets are now available on my Etsy shop but please note matts and frames are not included but will be easy to obtain as my prints are all international photo standard size 8×10 inches.

What about your own gallery request?

If you have any requests just email me at and tell me which of my animal prints on my Etsy gallery  you would like to see curated into a set and I will do that for you…so you may see before you buy and there is no obligation whatsoever – so ask away!

To view all my current ready to frame animal sets click HERE.


3 thoughts on “INSTAGallery – sets of 4 animal art prints ready to frame for $100

  1. I appreciate that Amber – it is fun to get them all together because believe it or not it’s something I rarely do. It makes it easier to judge how well they will work doesn’t it?

  2. All of your groupings are great – that’s because I love all your paintings! But I have to say the woodlands stole my heart. That porcupine and bear are too adorable!

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