Haystackers at the ready! We are back – Game 1 Starts Here!

Now that Autumn is really back in let’s get those magnifying glasses out and while away the darker nights hunting the elusive NEEDLE again:)

This time round I am running the game two times a month.

Find this small black needle and win a print!

The first one starts today with the winner being announced Sunday 28th October. Then on Monday 29th October a new game will start.

Got the idea?


OK – this week please start scrutinising images found in the section of my shop called BIRD ART PRINTS – click here to go there now.
Once you find the black needle that I have secreted in amongst the feathers of one of the birds come back here and DO NOT TELL ME which one it is – simply write a comment saying what animal print you would like to win from my shop and SEND ME a separate email telling me where you found the needle to eastwitching@hotmail.com.
So – start searching – you have just under 2 weeks to submit your answer.

On draw day I will use the random number generator to select a winner. If it says 3 for example then the third person who left a comment will win etc..

Deadline to submit your answer is Saturday 27th October at GMT (London Time:) Midnight.

Have fun! – Alison

11 thoughts on “Haystackers at the ready! We are back – Game 1 Starts Here!

  1. Hi Alison…..This is like “where’s Waldo!!!” The octopus, “all fingers and thumbs” would be my choice.
    Your cheeky seagul with attache case is matted, framed and keeping your puffin compay in the loo. Always room for another of your prints, tho’….Regards.

  2. I love playing Haystackers. 🙂 Thanks so much for doing this! If I win, I’d love the Hubert Hurry in grey.

  3. Just found my way here through your Etsy shop and thought I’d give this a go! If I win I’d love the Jack Russell print – so cute!

  4. Yay for the Haystackers game!! If I won I would love the “The Home Stretch” owl print! Beautiful! Thanks Alison for starting up the game again! You know its my fave!

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