Haystackers at the ready! Game 2 Is Up!

SLIGHT delay in posting this due to Superstorm Sandy – I hope all my US Haystackers are safe and well!

Find this small black needle and win a print!
  • The second game starts today with the deadline for entries being
  • Saturday 10th November at midnight London (GMT) time
  • and the winner being announced Sunday 11th November.
  • Then on Monday 12th November a new game will start.


OK – this week please start scrutinising images found in the section of my shop called Animal Art Gifts For Him – click anywhere in this text to go to that section NOW!

  1. Once you find the black needle that I have secreted
  2. send me an email with your answer to eastwitching@hotmail.com
  3. then come back here and write a comment saying what animal print you would like to win from my Etsy shop Eastwitching.

So – start searching – you have just under 2 weeks to submit your answer.

On draw day I will use the random number generator to select a winner. If it says 3 for example then the third person who left a comment will win etc..

Deadline to submit your answer is Saturday 10th November at GMT (London Time:) Midnight.

Have fun! – Alison

21 thoughts on “Haystackers at the ready! Game 2 Is Up!

  1. It took me quite a long time to find it, but I finally did! That was fun πŸ™‚

    I would love to win the sea turtle print because it would make a wonderful birthday gift for my mom who collects turtle themed stuff.

    Thank you!

    Julie xox

  2. This is Alison of Eastwitching here. I am manually entering Liz’s comment as it went into my about page instead of here…so here it is.

    I’ve entered your needle in a haystack competition & would love a wolf print if I am the lucky winner.
    A lovely shopping experience all round

  3. If I am lucky enough to win, I would be delighted to have the Bat Print. It’s a hard choice as your birds are so lovely.


  4. I’d like the OWL Art Print. No, wait…I’d like the Raven Print. No…hold on…I’d like the Watercolor Sea Turtle Print. Know what? If I win you can surprise me out of those three. I can’t even pick.

  5. All of the paintings are so beautiful. If I win I would love the Fox Print, Aspiring Dr Doolittle Gift
    Thanks x

  6. It was extremely hard to narrow it down to one….I’d love to have the sweet rabbit print! It would look great in my daughter’s room. Thanks for the chance! sunniejohns (at) gmail (dot) com

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