Haystackers at the ready! Game 3 Is Up!

Welcome all you Haystackers to Game 3!

I see the competition is hotting up with some die-hards proving ever resilient and many newbies joining their ranks last week.

So – are you set for this challenge?

Find this small black needle and win a print!
  • The 3rd game starts today with the deadline for entries being
  • Saturday 24th November at midnight London (GMT) time
  • and the winner being announced Sunday 25th November.
  • Then on Monday 26th November a new game will start.


OK – this week please start scrutinising images found in the section of my shop called NURSERY ART

  1. Once you find the black needle that I have secreted
  2. send me an email with your answer to eastwitching@hotmail.com or via a convo in Etsy
  3. then come back here and write a comment saying what animal print you would like to win from my Etsy shop Eastwitching.

So – start searching – you have just under 2 weeks to submit your answer.

On draw day I will use the random number generator to select a winner. If it says 3 for example then the third person who left a comment will win etc..

Deadline to submit your answer is

Saturday 24th November

at GMT (London Time:) Midnight.

Have fun! – Alison

11 thoughts on “Haystackers at the ready! Game 3 Is Up!

  1. Alison,
    The giraffe nursery print is quite lovely and would be amazing to have in my home. I’m hoping I didn’t imagine that needle!

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