How to Paint a Watercolour Crab

Here we go – for those who want to know how to paint a crab in watercolour –

Here I am using a size 3 round brush to add some New Gamboge yellow to his foreclaw to suggest sunlight

I drew the outline of the crab then painted his entire surface with clean water. This gets the paper ready to accept splashy and watery colour to good effect.

Then I banged in some teal blue and let it run – I tip the paper this way and that and let the medium do it.

The first 4 steps…roughly – it is very hard to paint and photograph myself at the same time!

As it starts to dry a I then went back in to darken shadow areas and start to build form. Finally – when totally dry I add the detail work and spatter – viola. Only problem is I forgot one leg!!!!

Here we have a crab with the correct amount of legs created into a cute pillow –

Crab throw pillow

To see my range of crab artwork that I have in my online gallery – please click here – enjoy!

The last 4 steps. Due to being overly worried about taking shots of myself painting I forgot one of his legs.

4 thoughts on “How to Paint a Watercolour Crab

  1. I’m going to try this!!!!! Need some artwork for my bathrooms and this would be perfect!! Even though yours would look a hundred times better! I still want to try and challenge myself! xo, Kayleigh

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