Art Demo – Ladybird in Watercolour

For this simple yet dramatic demo I used hot pressed paper 9olbs by Arches of France but any hot pressed paper or medium (not) paper will do.
Watercolour Ladybird
I used a No 3 and a No 8 round watercolour brush and the main colours are New Gamboge (yellow), Scarlet Lake, Cadmium Red, French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna.
Brushes galore
I did not stretch the paper first as I am too impatient and anyway I know a way to flatten it at the end which I will show you. Let’s go!
ladybird 2
Jack Russell says it's teatime

For a cute ladybird print I created a few months ago click here Ladybug April and for a fun double-sided cushion cover ladybird cushion  click here 🙂
Everything was coming to a natural end for the time being and of course Tilly, my JRT immediately picked up that a tea break was afoot and was more than happy to sheepdog me away from my painting and downstairs to make a cup of tea and give her a biscuit.

The next section of the painting will come soon – see you there!

10 thoughts on “Art Demo – Ladybird in Watercolour

  1. This is a great demo. I’ve been looking to try out new things, although I am sure if attempted this, it wouldn’t be nearly as good as yours.

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