Art Demo – Painting a Young Stag in Watercolour

Now that I have my drawing I am ready to add the initial washes.

I use a 3 and a 6 round sable brush, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Cobalt Blue and my paper is Arches Hot Pressed 90lbs 100% rag.

Please click on the image below as it will come up nice and big and you can read what I did.
Stag part 1
At this stage he doesn’t look too pretty or to coherent but when he dries thoroughly overnight I will be adding the further washes which will unify and warm him and then these blotchy blocks will form the underneath of his head structure and create form.

I added cooler notes of blues to the top of head, antlers and ears and top of nose as these planes reflect the blue-tinged light of the sky.

Under his ears I added green as these are reflecting the grass underneath him.

I add these cooler notes to off-set the warm siennas and to create a believable form with the warm and cool light plans. Any planes of his face that catch the warm light bounce or the green grass light bounce from the ground will be coloured accordingly.

Anything catching the blues of  the sky will be painted blue or purple. See an example of this with this little zebra I painted. Her belly is warm red/orange reflecting the desert earth and on her shoulders is a swathe of blue to reflect the sky light.

zebra baby etsy
Here is a finished Stag painting I completed last year – I enjoy the  drama of painting antlers! Watch this space for the continued young stag demo….

stag snow COPYRIGHT

3 thoughts on “Art Demo – Painting a Young Stag in Watercolour

  1. Alison, you’re an incredible artist. Have you thought about doing youtube videos to teach people how to paint? Also, do you sell your prints .. just wondering!

    1. Hi Emily – oh that is kind of you and yes I do video myself sometimes but its not very good as I don’t have a very good video camera – here is a link to a foal I did –

      My prints are all for sale at my Etsy shop – if you want to have a look:)

      Just lately I have been asked to do 2 demos at two local art societies! So excited and a bit nervous.

      What are you painting now?

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