Watercolour Demo – Fly Agaric Mushrooms 2nd Part

framed mushrooms
OK – for those painters of you who are sitting there with paintbrush in mid-air waiting to get at those mushrooms again here are the next steps!
(Here is Part 1 – https://eastwitching.com/2013/02/09/art-demo-watercolour-fly-agaric-mushrooms/

But first – here is how they have ended today after the work I did on them this afternoon…I popped them in a virtual frame to give them that magical space that all art needs.
Please click on the images as they will come up nice and big for you to see.
I read somewhere that the art of good painting is knowing where to stop and that a painting can be interesting at several points in its creation.
Q2 small
I just hope I’ve picked the right place to get off!
Q3 small

10 thoughts on “Watercolour Demo – Fly Agaric Mushrooms 2nd Part

      1. I grew up in France and I saw some a couple of times in the woods. They’re called “amanite tue-mouches” in French, fly killer, but obviously they kill more than flies. We’re taught very early on to never touch them because they’re common to see. If you’ve ever read the comic strip The Smurfs, they are featured in almost every story. They must be more common in Europe than in the US.

      2. Oh where in France? I lived and worked in France – Dordogne, Charente, Alsace-Lorraine and Vendee. That must have been great to actually see them but yes – they are very toxic. I know the smurfs and the imagery of this mushroom is so popular everywhere I think….

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