Haystackers at the ready! Game 12 Is Up!

Welcome all you Haystackers to Game 12! 

I use a new TWITTER hash tag for my regular animal art print giveaway game.

Want to win one? Search #haystackers now.

Find me on Twitter @eastwitching

This week the needle is a hidden in my new online gallery called www.eastwitchinganimalart.co.uk in the section called ORIGINAL LINE DRAWINGS click that wording and it will take you there to start searching.

So – are you set for this fortnight’s challenge?

Find this small black needle and win a print!
  • The 12th game starts today with the deadline for entries being
  • Saturday 30th March 2013 at midnight London (GMT) time
  • and the winner being announced Sunday 31st March.
  • Then on Monday 1st April the new game will start. And I’m not fooling!


OK – this week please start scrutinising images found in the section of my gallery called … Original Line Drawings

  1. Once you find the black needle that I have secreted…
  2. send me an email with your answer to eastwitching@hotmail.com
  3. then come back here and write a comment saying what animal print you would like to win from my Etsy shop Eastwitching.


You have just under 2 weeks to submit your answer.
On draw day I will use the random number generator to select a winner. If it says 3 for example then the third person who left a comment will win etc…

Deadline to submit your entry is –  Saturday 30th March at GMT (London Time:) Midnight.

Have fun! – Alison

14 thoughts on “Haystackers at the ready! Game 12 Is Up!

  1. I would have to say the “enchanted frog” print since my sister-in-law is having her first baby and she loves frogs! It would look so cute in the nursery.

  2. I’d love the Barn Owl that’s looking behind rather than the one in flight. I want to see what Shy Saffron is but I can’t find her!

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