My Studio is a Mess

It really has got a bit out of control lately and I can’t go in and draw or paint when it is like this.
There are piles of images and papers all over the place, stuff on the floor and general mess.
I have a small back bedroom as my studio and it is probably no more than 5 meters square so a lot is packed in to a small space.
Here I draw, paint,pack parcels, create cards and do my pastel work too – as well as watercolour.
It has a great north facing window though which gives me the perfect light by which to paint and take photographs of things if I need to.
So with a spring in my step I am about to tackle each small area at a time; be ruthless and sort out!
How do you keep on top of your creative spaces?

4 thoughts on “My Studio is a Mess

  1. Wow, looks like you had a tornado go through your studio. 😉 I try to hide stuff, usually in closets or under the kitchen table, and I pull it out when I need it.

    1. Yes Milka – and this is relatively a little tornado! You should have seen it at Xmas! I was ankle deep in paper LOL. I think hiding things helps to keep it looking calm and uncluttered. Maybe I could do with some curtains around the base of tables but then I am in and out of them all the time so it may be a bit impractical. So – for now I have a tidy space…it feels good.

  2. I don’t!!! I had to move my bedroom into my studio when I got a roommate, and mine looks a lot worse!!!! Love that you get great light. Fun to see your place! take care, Audrey

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