Today I am Inspired by Glastonbury Rooftops

My friend Anne and I visited Glastonbury last summer on what turned out to be the year’s hottest day.

We enjoyed the vibe of the place with all the hippies and bohemians in flamboyant clothes and mad hair as well as a certain magical atmosphere that had us not wanting to leave in a hurry.

Shops all had bowls of water for doggies to drink and even let them into the premises. The high street was conspicuously void of the national chains like Tesco, Carlton Cards, Timpsons, River Island, Thorntons, Starbucks etc and instead was mercifully run by privately owned businesses. The result – friendly staff who obviously took an interest in you as it was their livelihood.

I had my Tarot done (the first time ever) and the reader was spot on with everything. Go to The Wild Hunt and ask for Simon Bastian.

Yes – we climbed the Tor and felt it was life-changing. All the way home I raved about what I planned next in my life – getting a VW camper was one, buying a dog was another and growing my hair was a third:)

Glastonbury Tor. You must climb it.
Glastonbury Tor. You must climb it.

Apparently the Tor is the hub of the largest convergence of ley-lines in the Northern hemisphere. Well -it definitely did something to me. Yes I am an impressionable person – but so what:)

Well – a year on and two out of three ain’t bad. I have my dog Tilly who is a dream and I have much longer hair. The VW is still being saved for.

There is a pleasant little forum in the middle of Glastonbury – a kind of courtyard with a pergola and climbing roses and steps up to workshop premises and the like.

Visitors to Glastonbury enjoying food in the courtyard cafe...
Visitors to Glastonbury enjoying food in the courtyard cafe…

Rooftops in Glastonbury 2012
Rooftops in Glastonbury 2012

It is from up there that I took a few shots of the wonky rooftops of Glastonbury. The chimney stacks looked as if they were tilting to one side and the old red bricks told of their age. I loved the pink window against the lime washed wall. Below people were eating al fresco in a cafe and I could smell wondrous herbs and fresh coffee wafting up.

So far I have drawn this scene twice. One has gone in the bin as it was not what I wanted and this is just the beginning.

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