And Spring Comes Hopping In

My Shabby Spring Bunny Cushions
My Shabby Spring Bunny Cushions

I love pale pastel colours when combined with a more vibrant image. This is what was in the back of my mind as I designed these bunny cushions.
I had painted the original watercolours two years ago and suddenly had the idea to incorporate them with a shabby chic pastel background to accentuate their details better.
They are now available as double sided cushions – they have a zipper closure and you can choose to have them with or without an insert.
3960861_2447529-plwfr2_b (1)
To see them simply click on the image and you will be taken to the site where I have listed them.

3 thoughts on “And Spring Comes Hopping In

  1. Ah, that makes sense. I love purple but my favorite rabbit out of all of them is the red one. I really like the way his ears are pointing. It makes him look friendly and playful.

  2. What beautiful paintings and colors! I have a silly question though: do you paint directly on the fabric, or do you paint on paper, scan the painting and transfer on fabric?

    1. Hi Milka

      I am glad you like the colours. I took the merest hint of the palest overall colour from each bunny and used Adobe to create the background image before placing a cutout of my original watercolour onto it and merging the layers. I didn’t paint them onto the fabric. It is a huge digital file that is printed on:) Do you have a fave colour out of these 4?

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