4 of the Nest – Songbird Art Collection – New For Spring

My set of 4 British bird prints
My set of 4 British bird prints

I had painted these little birds a year or two ago.

For this Spring I have resized them so that they sit harmoniously together as a whimsical set of 4.

Debonair Blue Tit with his nifty lemon vest and distinctive blue cap!
Debonair Blue Tit with his nifty lemon vest and distinctive blue cap!

We have a cheeky Robin, a tiny Wren, a debonair Blue Tit and a cagey Kingfisher.

A cheeky Robin emblazoned with scarlet feathers that announce the Christmas season in our gardens.
A cheeky Robin emblazoned with scarlet feathers that announce the Christmas season in our gardens.

All well-loved British birds.
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But there’s MORE!

Question:- What are your top 4 fave birds – and why?
Leave comments below please and there will be a FREE PRINT of your choice in it for the random comment I pick out:)

15 thoughts on “4 of the Nest – Songbird Art Collection – New For Spring

  1. There are so many beautiful birds. My top four of the top of my head are:

    Penguins – have loved them since a child and the March of the Penguins endeared the to me forever

    Blue Footed Booby – I have been fascinated by the Galapagos for many years & these guys are just so improbably adorable that you have to love them.

    Owls – especially the tiny Saw Whet Owl – They look so surprised and cuddly.

    Ring Necked Pheasant – I grew up in Manitoba and I thought these birds were the most exotic thing when I was young and didn’t even know the meaning of exotic.

  2. Hello i love British birds!!! My top 4 favorite birds would be; wren, blue tit, bull finch and a mallard duck!!! These are always happy birds and i love them!! Im currently designing a range of ceramic tiles based on British birds. Other than birds i also love British animals and i love your prints!! Fingers crossed Nat upsydaisycraft Xxx

  3. My 4 fav birds humm, hard..but a few..the hummingbird for it’s endless energy and ability to amaze. The black crow for it’s intelligence and social adaptive nature. The house wren for amazing and continous song from dawn to dusk and then, the Robin not only because of Spring but because of the endless hours of entertainment they provided for my son when he was a toddl

  4. Blackbirds – cheeky and cheerful with their sunny yellow beaks
    Robins – who can resist – so small but proud with their brilliant puffed red breasts
    Kingfishers – well named after their brilliant royal blue plumage
    Puffins – the comical clown of the bird world – enchanting!

  5. Humming birds – little and sweet
    Robin red breast – cutie pies
    Finches – nice faces
    Rainbow Lorikeets! – beautiful colours, there are some that live in my yard and they’re getting very brave!

  6. Owls – only they can turn their heads practically 360 degrees and they are silent and beautiful.
    Robins – happy chappy songbirds. Always make me smile.
    Flamingos – because they are the perfect shade of pink and can sleep standing on just one leg!
    Jackdaws – have a fantastic sheen to their feathers and have a great ‘caw’ noise.

  7. Really only 4…? Very difficult but here we go
    Red Breasted Grosbeak
    Any kind of humming bird
    Palliated Woodpeckers
    I could go on but that’s four, love birds!

  8. 1.PeeWit. Love the name, and the beetle green colour.
    2.Puffin. The comedy bird of the British isles
    3.Tern. For their grace and beauty, like light on water.
    4.Rook. For their complete lack of grace or beauty, but they have a charm of their own.

  9. 1. Cardinal. The proud symbol of the St Louis Cardinals baseball team.
    2. Mockingbird. I love it’s imitative songs and bouncy tail
    3. Red winged blackbird. A distinctive feature in summer fields.
    4. Goldfinch. So beautiful flitting around a back of black thistles.

  10. 1Carrion crow. I had a wonderful one as a semi-pet.
    2Long tailed tit. They build fairy nests.
    3Hoopoe. They are like a fantasy animal.
    4Brown owl. Such eyes!

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