Off to a flying start with onion pastels

I promised myself to christen my new pastel workstation by – well – doing a pastel!


So here it is – done whilst still in my dressing gown early this morning.I love using UNISON soft pastels – they are the business although I also love Sennelier and Schminke soft pastels too – they are pure compressed pigment with no binder so the colours last forever and don’t fade! The paper is Canson pastel paper although I love Art Spectrum Colourfix paper too.


I know they aren’t fab but I enjoyed just having a go in pastel. Soon I will reach for my old friend watercolour and hopefully do them justice.


12 thoughts on “Off to a flying start with onion pastels

    1. Thanks Milka. It stays there due to the “tooth” of the paper. Pastel paper tends to be ridges or pocked. I also use Sandfix paper which has a fine fine coating like sand on it – very expensive but a stunning surface on which to work….

      1. Thanks, I was wondering. I guess I’ve always used more “regular” paper, where the pastel gets smeared easily if you don’t set it somehow.

      1. Yes, I truly admire off-beat color choices. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue onion, but you made it work! They are wonderful. I wouldn’t consider myself an artist (by any means) but I have an etsy shop (albeit, an idle one right now) to sell original-illustration screen printed items (pillows, crib bumpers, blankets). Right now, I’m finishing production on a large pillow order I am donating to my church. We’re having a Mother’s Day (American holiday) sale to raise funds for our future building. Besides my shop, I love watching painting shows and have attempted acrylic painting twice (two Christmas ornaments). It was an amateur attempt, with a personal satisfactory end result. I wouldn’t post pictures here, but would you like to see what I’ve described?

      2. Hi Amber I’d love to see what you created – do you have my email? Thanks for the encouragement about my onion studies. Art TV tutorials are addictive and very informative I find.

      3. Concerning art TV, I completely agree! They are addictive and helpful (and inspiring). I wish more were played more frequently in my area. I have one show a week to watch. I do have your e-mail and I finally got around to sending you some links to my photo albums (don’t worry, the albums only have a few pictures each). Thank you so much for your willingness and interest to look!

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