Messing about with nastursiums in watercolour

So disappointing  – my real nastursium seedlings are taking a hammering by greenfly so yesterday I finally gave in and sprayed them with bug spray. I hope they pull through as I love their tumultuous tumbling oranges, reds and yellows .

Watercolour nastursiums on the go...
Watercolour nastursiums on the go…

Meantime I started a loose nastursium watercolour as part of a demo I did at the Kestral Art Society in Pencoed, Bridgend last Thursday.

It remained unfinished as time ran out so I am going to continue with it here and see how it turns out.

TOP TIP:- For complex and larger drawings such as this do them onto very fine (90gsm) tracing paper and NOT onto your expensive watercolour paper. Transfer your image when all the correcting and rubbing out has been done on the tracing paper by using this pencil like carbon paper which can be rubbed out – It is called SARAL –

I stretched my Arches hot pressed 90pbs paper on quarter inch plyboard and when dry I used masking tap in  a belt and braces tactic to stop and pulling away at the sides as I worked very wet.

My last years' nastursiums were stunning
My last years’ nastursiums were stunning

Dimensions are about 11×15 inches so it’s a nice comfortable size for me I don’t like working very big.

Paints are Winsor and Newton: Cadmium Yellow, Scalet Lake, Cerulean, Sap Green, Pthalo Blue

Here are some nastursiums I painted last year as inspired by the photo above – still not completely finished but I quite like the half done look! Do You?

nasturium soup (2)

I did not mask out the flowers as I had decided to paint around them. I could have masked them out and done a wild wet into wet background though.

I am going to continue to build the flowers and the background equally and see how that looks…..

14 thoughts on “Messing about with nastursiums in watercolour

      1. Yes, at the San Diego Botanic Garden. The zoo also has water lilies in bloom right now. Water lilies don’t grow on their own here so you find them in landscaped areas. I love to spot them!

  1. Ooo…I love your ‘painting on the go’. Wonderful. I will be planting my nasturtium seeds this week so will need to wait a while to paint them. 🙂

    1. Hi Kathleen – there is nothing like having made a few painting starts is there – works in progress. At one time I used to have about 25 years ago. I must build up to that again. I hope your seedlings fare better than mine! Thanks

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