Messy Office – You got This Beat?

Oh dear – it doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes to create a superb mess.

One worktop fits all!
One worktop fits all!

Been making my animal greetings cards and packing some prints that I am donating to two charities this last couple of days. Can you tell! Paper trimmings and offcuts everywhere.


I only have a tiny office so that’s probably why. I ship all my parcels from here which involves a lot of wrapping and I also do my book-keeping here and my card-making.

All on a piece of worktop just 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide.

Has anyone got a smaller workstation than this? If so we want to see pictures – please send to and then they will be featured in a blog post about it. Send them in! Let’s see how cleverly you use space.



4 thoughts on “Messy Office – You got This Beat?

  1. Haha, nice office! At least it shows you’re busy!
    I moved bedrooms around in the house a few months ago so my office disappeared and became my bedroom. It’s the small room in the house and I put my office desk in there. Very tight space but it still works. However, I most often end up working on the computer at the kitchen table now, especially when my kids are around. That has to be the smallest work space around but I like the intimacy of it, the view from the window and the closeness with my family.

      1. We LOVE our big kitchen table. It is the center of the house and we do everything there. Eat, work, homework, art, you name it. And that’s where almost everyone who comes to our house ends up sitting at.

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