Got the Doodle Bug

I really need to be sketching more – days go without me even putting pencil to paper. So I got out one of my many sketchbooks the other evening and started drawing my foot.


I used the contour drawing technique as described by the brilliant Betty Edwards in her book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Have you got it? I’d get it if I were you – especially if you are doing anything creative – it helps get your right brain activated which is more creative than your dominant left brain. Click on the image to go to a listing to buy this book – you won’t regret it.

I had lost my well-read copy and so bought a new one last week.

The book that has taught me the most about seeing and drawing
The book that has taught me the most about seeing and drawing


Anyway – back to the foot. It was so relaxing to just concentrate on that ONE thing – right there under my nose that I then moved on to a nearby Swiss Cheese Plant leaf and then my purse on the table beside me.

DoodleBAll fueled up now I started doodling from my mind and there are the results above.

Doodling – putting your mental images onto paper – try it sometime:)

2 thoughts on “Got the Doodle Bug

  1. Hi Milka – I am sure you would love it. As you are a photographer – it is all about seeing and our honest perceptions of things and enhancing our seeing ability through encouraging right hemisphere activity…let me know if you get it and read it:) A

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