Watercolour Jumping off Points

Sometimes you can carry on too long with a painting.


I recently prepared a magnolia watercolour demo for an upcoming class I have.

I painted the flowers and petals and stems in stages and took shots as the painting developed.


At the point where I had defined the flowers and stems sufficiently (photo above) I thought it needed a background and so picked a green that was opposite pink on my colourwheel and proceeded to paint the negative space around the flowers in a wash of this green plus some rose mixed in.

how the watercolour evolved
how the watercolour evolved

Then for a lark I posted the results on my FB page and asked what people thought.

There was a fairly unanimous reply that it was more appealing without the background.

I love to hear what others think of paintings and why – a never ending source of feelings and tastes are uncovered!

Please feel free to take the poll below. Is it better with or without the green background?

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