Dancing in the Moonlight – Mushroom Watercolour

Whilst playing around with my 3 brand new Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour tube paints I decided to paint one of my favourite subjects: mushrooms.

I started off just using the 3 colours I have bought so far to christen my new Frank Webb palette. They are Nickel Azo, Transparent Pyrrol Orange and Smalt Blue.

This palette will be filled over the coming weeks and months with the best tube paint I can buy and it will be my play palette!

Here is a pic of the paints ready to go.

palette daniel greenHere is the finished painting. As you can see I added some Winsor Violet and Olive Green to supplement my 3 colours but had fun trying them out of the mushrooms themselves.

mushroom midnight

Whilst toying with ideas for a clever and witty title the phrase “Dancing in the Moonlight” popped into my head. I suddenly remembered that back in the 70’s I had loved that track by Thin Lizzy and it was in fact the first ever 45 single I bought….memories eh?

The I thought of another title – “Moonlight Shadow” and realised that that too was a song title of one of my fave ever tracks by Mike Oldfield.

Soon I will be adding further colours – just cast your eye over just some of the luscious colour choices I have from Daniel Green…


If you fancy any leave me a comment about which 3 you would pick and why!

6 thoughts on “Dancing in the Moonlight – Mushroom Watercolour

  1. Hi Audrey – lovely choices – and yes – they do have greens -and many more colours! This is a small sample:) Just search Daniel Smith watercolors on Google….

  2. I love them all! The rich clear tones are amazing. Thanks for sharing this brand—I have not heard of it before.

      1. Buff titanium, potters pink and myan blue. I can’t easily create those colors in my palette. The color and dimension in them are wonderful. I wish they had greens– mint is one of my favorite colors.

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