Bringing it all back Home

A few months ago I went mad and set myself up with a little website. I thought it was about time that I branched out from Etsy and excitedly learned new skills to do with using this new platform. It was hard going and I never really felt that the “look” was what I was after. I soldiered on though, adding images and trying to create a feel that was rustic, natural and arty.

Original watercolour hare - 9x11 inches "Fisty Cuffs"
Original watercolour hare – 9×11 inches “Fisty Cuffs”

To me though the whole site was clunky and too hard and commercial looking.

Well, long story short is that after about 6 months of it really not doing much I decided to knock it on the head. And what a sense of relief I feel.

Original watercolour fox "On the Trail" 7x10 inches
Original watercolour fox “On the Trail” 7×10 inches

Amazingly almost the same time as I came to that decision I encountered a WordPress template that is so utterly gorgeous that I fell in love with it. The look is exactly what I am after and I am going to enlist some expert advice this time to help me get underway faster!

Original watercolor foal - "Sitting Pretty" 7x10 inches
Original watercolor foal – “Sitting Pretty” 7×10 inches

So come the Autumn I hope to be writing these posts to you on my new blog which will be integral to my new site – everything under one Eastwitching roof!


Meantime – I brought home all my original paintings that were on the other site and for now they are safely roosting on Etsy until I get their new quarters ready!


Above are some new works … enjoy the gallery:)  Alison

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