Summer’s Final Flame

How about a ravishing red poppy to send off the fabulous British summer we have had?

Close up of finished poppy in watercolour 7x10 inches
Close up of finished poppy in watercolour 7×10 inches


I used Arches hot pressed 90lbs paper (unstretched) and Cadmium Scarlet, Cadmium Yellow, Sap Green, and Winsor Blue to paint this simple poppy.

Double click on the images to bring them up nice and big. Here is the outline if you want to use it – or use another poppy outline of your own in you prefer.

Use this as your outline if you are not a confident drawer
Use this as your outline if you are not a confident drawer


Please feel free to copy these but they cannot then be sold as it would break copyright. What you can do is use my steps to paint your own images. For example – use my poppy demo step by step to paint a poppy outline that you have created instead of mine and that’s OK to sell. Thanks!

Poppy Demo 1Poppy Demo 2

Let me know how you got on!


3 thoughts on “Summer’s Final Flame

    1. Hi Maggy – if the paper has a satin sheen it looks like there is s feint shine on the paper just before all the water soaks in and the paper looks dull and not shiny/wet anymore. If it is dull it is damp and not good to paint into because you will get a backrun. When the paper is running with water on the surface that is also not good as there is no control whatsoever and your paint will run everywhere. Satin in smack in the middle of these 3 paper conditions and perfect for wet into wet:) Alison

    2. Hi Maggi – it means that the water has had a minute or two to soak in and is shining faintly – it is not awash with water running everywhere – nor is it damp (no shine – looks matt) which is not good for adding a more dilute wash as you could then get a back run. Hope that helps 🙂

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