New Kid on the Block – Introducing Hooker’s Green to my Palette

Viridian and I are not friends.

Viridian and I are not friends.

Years ago when I started dabbling in watercolour I read a lot of sound instructional books by Alwyn Crawshaw. He recommended amongst others Hooker’s Green as part of a beginners’ starter set of paints.

I used it then but for over 15 years it has not been on my palette. I have no idea why I strayed away from this stalwart, reliable and sensible green!

So – I have re-introduced him to my palette at the cost of wiping the dreaded Viridian from my watercolour wells forever!

Viridian (also Pthalo and Winsor Green) and I are not friends.

Viridian unnerves me, I find it cold, chemical-looking and way too overpowering for my paintings. How it has lasted so long is only because it mixes brilliantly with Alizarin Crimson to give a bitchy and velvety “black”. It is soon to be leaving my palette.  I am sure Hookers will team up with Alizarin and produce something equally as wonderful.

As for the other greens that I have been using for a while they are as follows:-

Permanent Sap Green – an easy mixer and gentle middle of the road grassy green – a happy chappy who makes me feel safe.

Olive Green – a serious and deep blackened green – to be used in moderation or it can make a painting look a bit sullen.

Cobalt Turquoise – a versatile and turquoisey green which mixes well with reds and pinks to give arty greys! I feel a bit risque whenever I use this colour.

Give us the low-down on your reds or blues or browns if you paint – I’d love to hear how you feel about them.

9 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block – Introducing Hooker’s Green to my Palette

  1. Oh my goodness- I didn’t know what colour pthalo was and did the usual google search…don’t do this in front of children or at work! I got… unexpected images!

    I have to confess, my knowledge of painting isn’t much beyond ‘light green’ and ‘dark green’. I love the names of the shades.

    1. I just tried it too (i was intrigued by your comment) but no such excitement for me LOL – nothing but normal photos of Pthalo green!

      I used to love the names of shades when I first started painting – they all sounded so romantic…

  2. I searched through my collection of acrylic paints, and found out that I’ve long been using Hooker’s Green (I just haven’t paid much attention until I read your post). It’s actually my favourite green to work with. 😀

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