Busy Bee

There is always a lot to do for Eastwitching. I make all my own cards, and pack everything myself so a lot of small but important tasks need to get done ahead of time.

Yesterday morning I made a batch of flamingo cards.

A small batch of my handmade flamingo cards
A small batch of my handmade flamingo cards

When a print job goes wrong I keep the image and then later when I have a few I cut out salvageable parts and make them into cards.

These flamingo sweetheart ones were mounted onto pink cards before finally being placed on a plain A6 card.


They get put into packages for customers who may have bought a custom wedding flamingo print via my agent Anita Singh’s Little Picture Company.


The wedding prints can be customised to feature the bride and groom’s names, their wedding date and venue or even a special song. You can choose a plain white background or a rose petal one on which are softly lettered song titles.

flamingo in frame

These prints are exclusive to The Little Picture Company and are eco-friendly being printed on 260gsm Epson 100% cotton velvet paper. They will last for years and years and make a lovely heirloom keepsake for the newly weds.

Flamingo Eleanor & Scott NEW template

Valentine Framed Grey wall

To visit The Little Picture Company and browse pretty homewares and children’s gifts  – click here !


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