Finally got a chance today to sit down with my idea for painting a hare in amongst the grass – here is my earlier post about that if you want to see where I’m coming from:)


I had done all my tasks and duties yesterday to clear a timespace to devote to this idea which will just not be still in my mind!

I can’t tell you how exciting it was for me to be able to get that moody, inky midnight sky going on top of the delicately masked out flowers that I had done earlier before taking the dog out.

They had dried completely by the time we got back in and I was off!

hare3I used Permanent Blue in spades mixed with Burnt Umber to get that very dark and magical blue down. While it was still damp I added Alizarin Crimson mixed with Winsor Green (yes – I know I hate it but it really comes into its own in mixing up a devilishly velvety DARK with AC !)

I bled the sky away to nothing as it progressed down the paper so as to create a soft edge.

Making a thick mix of Permanent Blue and Burnt Sienna I plopped in the distant hill and as the sky was damp it fuzzed beautifully.


Then using a pale wash of that mix I brought the near distant field into play and suggested some grass and undergrowth.

Now I Am onto the hare himself and painted him with clear water before adding Raw Umber all over him … more to come later but for now I am enjoying being under the moonlight of a British meadow and connecting with nature:)


4 thoughts on “Nocturn

  1. Thank you Laura! I am glad you like this project of mine – Do you have an arty nature wall at home? I have been doing some more work on it the last hour or so – will pop an image when it is coming to completion:)

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