Gracious Gouache

What a breeze it is painting with gouache!

gmonstCompared to the demanding nature of watercolour this is a piece of cake! You can take your time and not hurry – what a luxury.You can add light colours on top of dark and they show up – unlike with watercolour where you have to continually think ahead and preserve you white or pale areas and work fast.Gouache is so gracious – she lets you take your time – it is a revelation to me.I have always been drawn to opaque paints and love the chalky texture of it. I think I have many happy time ahead exploring this new medium!gpot

4 thoughts on “Gracious Gouache

  1. I loved painting with gouache in school years ago. You can mix the paints just the way you want, overlay them. Acrylic is fun but it dries up way too fast and doesn’t leave room for error. And oil is terribly messy to clean up.

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