A cosy afternoon with the dogs

Had a lovely relaxing afternoon with my friend Anne – sat around by the real log fire with her 4 Welsh Springer Spaniels chatting about art, fiber and creativity and putting my feet up.Gwen, Lexie, Fin and Jack know when they've got it good!

Gwen, Lexie, Fin and Jack know when they’ve got it good!

Watching the dogs heap themselves on the rug in front of the fire was very relaxing.But seeing them all lined up in their kitchen baskets ready to snap a treat was just so cute:)!

DSC_0090aI will be house-sitting these babies in the New Year! Lucky me:)

12 thoughts on “A cosy afternoon with the dogs

  1. They are lovely pets. We got given a whippet X lurcher when we got married (long story!) and that was it! Until then, I’d never have said they were a dog breed I’d want, but when we went to the Blue Cross to get a second dog, they had a lurcher (X Great Dane!!) puppy and said they were hard to rehome. He came home with us and the 2 we have now are the 5th and 6th long dogs we’ve owned!

  2. That’s such a beautiful sight! There’s nothing quite so cozy as dogs sleeping by the fire. You’re so lucky to be able to look after them. I would love to have a dog, but unfortunately I don’t have the space.
    Your work is always inspiring – thank you!

  3. I love your work and I think you are very generous teaching me how to paint a robin.I had a go myself today but I think it is far too fussy.

  4. That’ll keep you busy!
    I love the little one in the blue basket; one of my lurchers puts up a paw if he’s sitting for food- “Look! I’m doing everything you might ask me to already!”

      1. I’ve got 2- the Saluki Cross is the size of a small greyhound and he’s the one that will offer to shake paws if he thinks it will help get him the treat. The other doesn’t look very lurcher-like, as she’s mostly Staffie X Lab (probably) but there’s a bit of long dog, maybe whippet, in there and we got her from a lurcher rescue! She just sits as close as possible whilst gazing at you longingly until you give her a biscuit 🙂

      2. Aw bless them – I love lurchers, greyhounds and whippets as they always seem so serene and gentle – long neautiful faces..the most gorgeous one I ever saw was a year ago in Glastonbury – he was called Murdoch and was a huge greyhound – so elegant and could easily have adorned an ancient medieval hunting tapestry – ….

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