Unexpected Visitors – fairytale drawings

Inspired by a very old and wide knarled tree with a door that I photographed back in the summer this drawing has geese coming around to visit their friend who lives in the tree.11x8 inch drawing of an old tree with geese

11×8 inch drawing of an old tree with geese

Trouble is, she wasn’t expecting them and has nothing in to give them – hence the slightly perplexed look on her face.geese and tree copyI enjoyed using soft pencil shading to form the knarled door surround and other parts of the tree.geese and tree copy bHere is a photo of the actual tree and door – isn’t it fab? It is at Hampton Court Castle and Gardens in Hereford and I went there last year with my friend Anne for a day out. As I photographed it then I envisaged it becoming part of a drawing but of what I  didn’t know.P1130251I love fairytales and the idea of animals living in trees (which they do but not always with front doors and brass door knobs). A great book about the use of fairytales in cultures is The Uses of Enchantment by Bruno Bettleheim.

This may become a watercolour. There are parts of the drawing where I feel it is a bit ragged such as the background geese and I had to try and judge the scale of them as I drew as I was working from all different sizes of geese from my photos.

Here are the geese I used which again I took photos of over 2 years ago not knowing what they would be used for. I just loved their shapes and forms at the time.P1120239P1120238With this drawing I loved being able to ad lib bits like adding this whimsical window which wasn’t in the actual tree.geese and tree copy windo

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Visitors – fairytale drawings

  1. Love this. How clever of you. Most delightful and nicely drawn. Will keep an eye on your blog from now on. Such an imagination you have!

    1. I appreciate that Carole – thank you! These are the types of images that I have in my head. I have a lovely collection of trees and roots near a stream by my home taken this year which I am now going to populate with animals and maybe doors!

      What feelings does this image evoke in you I wonder?

      1. Well, I just spent the last 2 months drawing/painting a secret garden in my loft closet for my granddaughter to enjoy while she is here on Christmas vacation, so, I guess you could say I would e the first one to poke my head in the “door” to see who lives in the tree and why! I think fantasy is delightful and the little girl down the street who will be seeing the completed Garden at Christmas as well is very excited about it, so I think I was on the right track. My husband, of course, thinks I have lost my mind, but admits it is creative!!

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