The Art of Casey Klahn – My first purchase

Over the past few months I became aware of the beautiful pastel paintings of Casey Klahn.

My first original Casey Klahn pastel
My first original Casey Klahn pastel

Nearly every single time he posted one I would stop dead in my tracks and be captivated by his use of colour and his semi-abstract style. I found his works satisfying and solid to look at with simple yet powerful shapes which pleased me eye.

In the end I have to give in and just buy one. It is the first image – beautiful isn’t it?

Now that I have it I am deliberating on how to frame it. Here are two possible ideas (I used Adobe to create virtual frames).

Casey gold finalCasey white finalWhich do you prefer – if any?

Meantime I have isolated some of those lovely passages in the painting that caught my eye and I hope they do yours.

casey bits

To view Casey’s work visit his blog here…

or his Pinterest board here  and be blown away buy his flamboyant and confident use of colour –

I am lucky enough to now be going on a pastel workshop that he is running in Kemijarvi, Lapland this August – I only hope to be a quarter as good as Casey after my trip!

I have never really worked en plein air as the UK’s weather is so unreliable – I hope this trip will change all that.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Casey Klahn – My first purchase

  1. It’s amazing how the darker may really makes the light passages pop,that’s my vote.casey is truly gifted

  2. Thanks for the lovely post, Alison. I’d say the light frame shows the art better, but the gold one would work better in a fully furnished environment. I guess context would count, and I do favor that gold one, too.

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