Valleys’ Girl Makes Good – “Alison’s Ark” art cards available through Musuems & Galleries Collection

National Museum web(3)Years ago when I worked on front of house in Visitor Services at The National Museums & Galleries of Wales in Cardiff I used to love browsing the galleries before the public came in.


There I saw original paintings by Cezanne, Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh to name but a few. I loved the quiet hush in the light airy spaces and enjoyed dreaming of painting full time.



Back then I painted as a hobby but it was always on my mind and deep down I resented the time spent doing administrative work there when all I wanted to do was be home with my art. But by the time the working day was finished so was I and the there was an hour and a half drive back home and a meal to cook etc etc… so there was precious little time to paint.


It was a very privileged position though, to work at The National Museum & Gallery. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and grand building in which to spend your working days. Below is a pic of me working in the Director General’s office shortly before I left after 10 years at the museum.

muss copy 2

My colleague is Laura Harris who was the best person ever to work alongside


and my friend Helen Sian Bowen (with me – seated on a chair below a painting I loved) who is now a fully qualified Reflexologist and Homeopath.

muss copy


There was a lovely gift shop which stocked a range of gorgeous art cards featuring all the great masters and modern artists too. That range was the Museums & Galleries Collection and I can tell you I hoped to be printed by them.

Well – it only took me 12 years but it finally happened.


I was contacted out of the blue last Christmas by the art buyer for Museums & Galleries. He had found me on Etsy where I have my main animal art gallery. He asked would I be happy to license 12 of my images to them! What a silly question ! I jumped at the chance and this week I received a big box choc full of samples of my cards.

My art on Museums & Galleries Collection cards! - I did it!
My art on Museums & Galleries Collection cards! – I did it!

I scuttled over to their website and found that lo and behold they had even given me my very own range!

Alison’s Ark is now available in gift shops and card shops all over the UK including many museums and galleries.

Museums & Galleries copy

This is a major dream come true and it feels so good.

I am encouraged to keep on going even though at times it is an insecure and uncertain life. But I believe in myself more and more and feel vindicated that I took the plunge to work as an artist and I thank Museums & Galleries from the bottom of my heart.


6 thoughts on “Valleys’ Girl Makes Good – “Alison’s Ark” art cards available through Musuems & Galleries Collection

  1. hi, this might seem really random, but i wonder if you could help me… i found your website because i’m looking for helen the reflexologist, who happens to be in one of your photos! does she still practise reflexology and do you have her contact details please? thanks, clare.

  2. Oh my gosh, Alison, I’m so excited for you! I’m sure that is every artist’s dream and you’ve done it. Congratulations!


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