Watercolour Poppy Demo

Here is a simple watercolour step-by-step to paint some pretty poppies – just right for a warm spring day.

Watercolour original of poppies – 8×10 inches on Arches hot pressed 90lb paper

The paper is hot pressed but you can use NOT or ROUGH – you will just get a different look.

If you click on the images to bring them up nice and big you will see what paints I used  – I also include the traceable outline for you to use – have fun!

COPYRIGHT – if you paint this exact composition in these colours then you can keep it for yourself but not show it publicly or sell it – BUT – if you change the compostition or the shape of flowers etc then it will be your own design and you can sell or show  publicly – hope that helps – Alison

Poppy Cluster 1 Poppy Cluster 2 poppy cluster

8 thoughts on “Watercolour Poppy Demo

  1. Love your demonstration, have you ever considered doing some online classes as I for one would be delighted to have the opportunity of learning from you.
    I live in country Australia and I have been looking for some online classes that I might enjoy.

    1. Hi there – so glad you enjoyed this – I am looking to setting up more regular mini demos on Youtube for which there would be a small charge – am working on it! What are your fave subjects?

  2. What a great tutorial! I am a beginning watercolorist and love to see what you are doing on your blog. This looks like a fun project to work on. Thanks for sharing! Sue

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