Abstractions and Reflections – Watercolour Painting Day

Today I had Jude and Claire back for their second joint painting day.

Jude and Claire with prints I made from scans of their original reflection painting done in the morning...well doen both!
Jude and Claire with prints I made from scans of their original reflection painting done in the morning…well done both!

They chose to focus on painting reflections.

Jude working on her third abstract reflection piece - I loved the California feel of this one!
Jude working on her third abstract reflection piece – I loved the California feel of this one!

We really got into the nitty gritty with analysis of the anatomy of a reflections and let loose with soem very flamboyant and powerful abstract shapes.

I feel these were just stunning and Claire and Jude were over the moon with their work too.

Claire's atmospheric original
Claire’s atmospheric original

I had to really encourage them to load on the paint though – there were being very restrained until I wore them down!:)

"Miasma Mexicana" Watercolour on paper 8x5 inches - original by Jude
“Miasma Mexicana” Watercolour on paper 8×5 inches – original by Jude

We stopped for lunch when we realised that we had kind of missed it – so engrossed were we in our art!

My Jack Russell Tilly had a social breakthrough – befriending Jude and – shock horror – even letting her stroke her and leaping up onto her lap!

Finally! Tilly is nice to Jude
Finally! Tilly is nice to Jude

After lunch sat out in teh sun we went at reflections in a more controlled and realistic style.


watercolour reflections
watercolour reflections

r1 r2

If you want to try these stages out for yourself carry on and I would love to see your results.


4 thoughts on “Abstractions and Reflections – Watercolour Painting Day

  1. Well, what a day to reflect on! (Pun intended)! We started by thinking about reflections, and what the word, in it’s abstract meant to us, over warm croissants and coffee, then with this in the forefront of our minds we went to Allison’s enviable studio to tackle this daunting subject. As ever Allison had prepared a mountain of info for Claire and I, and after time looking at, discussing and critiquing photos of various types of reflections, Allison then broke the whole process down into stages, demonstrating and sharing her expertise and artistic talent to enable us to feel very confident in tackling this aspect of watercolour technique …. and boy did we have fun whilst learning …. the photos say it all!! Allison gently(!!) encouraged us to load our brushes and to be decisive and bold!! O my days, what a liberating feeling to think colour, tones, shape and composition in abstract!! We then tackled a more orthodox reflection, more controlled, again demonstrated by Allison ….. there are ways to paint accurate and true reflections ….. but if you want to know how to tackle this aspect of watercolour …. Well, treat yourself to a day with Allison .. AWESOME!! And you know what was a bonus, apart from all the things Allie sent us home with?? Tilly, my new friend!! Thanks yet again Allison for being so generous and unselfish in sharing your passion, enthusiasm and expertise… watch this space !!!!

    1. I am so chuffed with your feedback and kind compliments Jude!
      This has made my week. All I ever wanted is for you both to feel like this about a painting day with me.
      So to know how you enjoyed yourselves and that you feel you have really got more know-how under your belt is fab! Thanks for coming up again – A x

      1. Alison, so glad you’re pleased, but honestly we got so much out of it … it’s amazing how working reflections can be made so simple … such a simple technique to make them harmonious and balanced … I feel so empowered ….! And the initial abstract exercises were such a fun bonus – 2 for the price of one!! Cant wait to wend our way to ‘bwl again!! Jx

      2. Empowerment is good – and you can play indefinitely with reflections now can’t you? Different colours and compositions – …..my pleasure

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