Foxglove Fancy: Making a Mess then Pulling Through

Made aright mess of my first foxglove demo photo shoot today. Went all wild and loose at the beginning on a much to large drawing and lost my temper completely!

Here are some ugly efforts…that’s what you get for rushing and not planning.


P1140548Torn painting in bin!

After lunch I re-drew and scaled-down a bit and went at it more daintily and sensitively.

Much happier with this attempt.P1140549



To get this soft bleed and meld of colours I had pre-wet each flower shape with clear water and let it soak in until the surface of the paper had a satin sheen on it.

Getting deeper shading into the notorious foxglove throats

I allowed the paint to bleed and blossom naturally – tightening only near the end.

I used Arches hot pressed 90lbs paper and Winsor & Newton watercolour  tube paint.

If you’d like to try this one please do so.

COPYRIGHT – if you copy exactly then you cannot sell or show online. HOWEVER – if you change the flower shape/composition up a bit then you can do what you like with it 🙂

Click on the images below so they will come up nice and BIG.

foxglove 1 deep foxglove 2 deep


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